Christmas Wish: Dark Tower MMORPG

Dear Santa Claus,

This year for Christmas I only want one thing: a Dark Tower MMORPG. Not one based on the contemporary Dark Tower lore, mind, but one based during the time frame of those awesome comic books I’ve been reading. Y’know, when Roland Deschain was but a horny teen, Gilead was still up and running and John Farson and the Crimson King were tearing stuff up.

Dark Tower - The Gunslinger Born

Dark Tower - The Gunslinger Born

The MMO would probably be skill based in nature, players training and learning skills to help them undertake whatever deed that needs to be done. Weapons (gun or melee), magic, diplomacy and crafting, along with ‘The Touch’ of course, would all be available to be learnt. Players would undertake quests throughout Mid-World, travelling between ancient cities, lush farm lands and the barren lands of radioactive hell. Mayhaps we might even glimpse the Dark Tower itself and the mysteries that lurk within.

No doubt everyone would want to be a Gunslinger so, Santa, you’d probably need to chat to folks like Mr King and Robin Furth to dig up some interesting lore about other factions and parties for people to join. Me, I quite fancy the idea of being one of Farson’s Harriers – or maybe even a Big Coffin Hunter – , trying to bring around the destruction of the beloved Gilead. Playing a human would do me fine, thankya sai, but others might like to play characters who are slightly mutated, twisted or even roont (+5 STR, +5 STA,-10 INT).

PvP between factions would be available for those who choose it. Farsoon wants to destroy Gilead and serve the Crimson King after all. It would be rough and tough and a just a little gory but then no one ever said war was pretty.

Mutants, guns, sorcery, crazy robot guardians and the weapons of the Great Old Ones.. what’s not to love in this twisted and apocalyptic MMORPG? Do ya kennit, Santa, I’ve been a good boy this year… please let it be mine.

Yours sincerely,


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  1. Longasc says:

    In LOTRO you could become “Foe of the Dark Tower”. But well, it is something very different… but it sounds like you should give Fallen Earth a try!

  2. Beat me to it, Long. I was going to suggest Fallen Earth. It’s sadly as close as I think we’re going to get to Mid-World any time soon. While it does seem more Mad Max, there are enough pistols, dusters, and cowboy hats to make me feel like I’m one of Roland’s ka-tet.

  3. guaka says:

    That would be great until Stephen King randomly insisted on putting himself in the game, thus, ruining it. The first four or so book were awesome though…

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