One Year Of We Fly Spitfires

Not only is today Christmas Day but it also marks the first anniversary of this blog. Crazy huh? I can’t quite believe it’s been one year since I started it, it’s just passed so quickly, nor can I quite believe how popular it’s become! When I first started writing I thought I’d be lucky to get a handful of visits and now I’m getting hundreds, sometimes thousands, every day. I’m incredibly thrilled that people seem to be genuinely interested in what I have to say and, as a blogger, it’s very rewarding to get such excellent feedback and comments from so many people.I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to everyone who reads We Fly Spitfires and takes the time to comment here. A blog is nothing without an interactive audience  and your feedback and comments have not only spurred me on when I needed it but helped me gain understanding and insight into such a fascinating and deep gaming genre.

Since today marks the first birthday of We Fly Spitfires, I’d like to highlight some of my most favourite articles, ones that I’ve got a true kick out of writing and have hopefully given you as much pleasure as they have me:

MMORPGs Are A Lot Like Women
With a shadow of a doubt, this is my most favourite article that I’ve written so far. I was worried that it would be misconstrued as being sexiest or some such when it was released but the feedback was both tremendous and overwhelming. I’m so glad so many people got as much of a laugh out of reading it as I did writing it.

With a staggering 116 comments, this is the most popular article that I’ve ever written… now I only wish I could actually create the game we were all talking about! I discovered in writing this that people are crying out for something new to hit the genre, something a little different from your standard run of the mill fantasy MMO.

When Did Groups Become PUGs?
My first ever article. It sucks. Don’t read it. But I guess it will always have a place in We Fly Spitfires history.

I Have An Ogre Fetish
The moment when I announced to the world that I had a well-hidden Ogre fetish. The news was surprisingly well received.

The Sting Of Dead
I died for the first time in EVE Online and it inspired this article about using consequences to invoke emotions in our MMORPGs. It wasn’t until I wrote this that I truly started to understand and appreciate the design behind EVE and all of the clever ways that it subtlety affects us.

So there you have a brief selection from some of the articles of We Fly Spitfires Year One. I hope the next 365 days are as fascinating as these last ones have been.

Oh and merry Christmas everyone :)

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  1. Syp says:

    Congrats — that’s a great accomplishment!

  2. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    Happy Holidays Anniversary Christmas!

  3. Ferrel says:

    Congratulations on the one year mark! You’ve done some amazing things in a really short time.

  4. Indeed, congrats, Gordon. You should definitely be proud of what you’ve built here.

    Here’s to another few years of awesomeness.

  5. Stabs says:

    Congratulations. It’s always an enjoyable and thought-provoking read.

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