I Pre-Ordered Star Trek Online

Title says it all, frankly. Even though I’ve been feeling (and still feel) very lukewarm towards the forthcoming Star Trek Online, I decided to pre-order it anyway. It was a combination of a beta-access (even though I recall swearing I’d never beta test another game) and head-start promise and some well-received Amazon vouchers as a Christmas present.

I Want A Khaaan! Emote

I Really Do Want A Khaaan! Emote

Although Direct2Drive are offering a “Digital Deluxe Edition” for £45/€50/$72 which comes with a bunch of goodies including a personal shield, original Star Trek uniform, KHAAAN! emote, NX ship registry prefix and access to the Joined-Trill race, I still decided to just buy the vanilla version from Amazon UK instead. Don’t get me wrong, those items are very tempting (especially the KHAAAN! emote) but I can’t really justify the extra cost for a few fluff items, especially for a game that I’m not totally convinced by. The Amazon version is only costing me £25/€28/$40 and it gives me an exclusive Borg Bridge Officer crew mate. No KHAAAN! emote but still, pretty cool.

As you may have gathered, I’m still very sceptical about the game and the more I read about it the more my cynicism grows. Oh how I worry Star Trek Online will turn out to be piss… but at least with low expectations all of the surprises will be pleasant ones. Yes, it’s with this pessimistic outlook on life (or at least MMORPGs) that I intend to guard myself from the ineviteable Anti-Hype-Letdown that seems to affect everyone about 3-4 weeks after a new MMO comes out. Age of Conan has no content? Really? Aion is a mega-grind-fest? Really?

Of course, I say all of that but then there’s always that little glimmer of hope that lurks depth within my brain and whispers to me, “y’know, maybe it will actually turn out to be good”. And hence the pre-order.

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  1. Gremrod says:

    I have been thinking about pre-ordering it myself. I am still on the fence and have been reading and watching some of the youtube game play videos.

    Hmmm, also I do not know of any friends that are going to play it.

    I currently play EVE and have not found any game for me to compare to it yet. I did the WOW, AOC, WAR, AION and many others. I always went back to full time EVE play.

    But still some of the ship battle video have peaked my interest in STO…..

  2. Longasc says:

    Petter is in the Beta. It seems that Space Combat is pretty spectacular, but ground combat looks quite … unspectacular, somehow: http://picasaweb.google.com/petter.martensson/StarTrekOnline#

    I have a very bad feeling – which gives me the sick hope that I might be totally wrong…^^

  3. Ninjeroo says:

    I haven’t quite decided yet whether to pre-order or not.Think I’ll leave it to my 2010 gut feeling to decide.

  4. Angry Gamer says:

    Suckers ;)

    You will probably regret it, much like Champions Online. Man you guys game hop a lot

  5. I won’t preorder it after the Champions let down, but I did grab the 99 cent beta invite that Target has going on. Once the open beta starts up in January, I’ll log a few hours and see if it’s worth my time.

    You’re right, though, maybe it will turn out to be good. I just worry that STO will turn out like SWG has: a great concept that’s marred by lackluster execution and populated only by basement-dwelling franchise fanboys instead of avid, interesting gamers.

  6. Randomessa says:

    Well, I know I’ll be there, in my TOS miniskirt, screaming “Khaaaaaan!” every so often. I’m still a bit iffy on the ground combat that I’ve seen, but I refuse to let the naysayers get me down. I’ll decide what I think for myself when I’m behind the helm in OB :) .

  7. [...] cancelled my Star Trek Online pre-order from Amazon today. I certainly had my doubts when I ordered it but decided to take the plunge anyway, the thoughts of a sexy Borg Officer (Locutus of Borg [...]

  8. Trekking says:

    The pre-order decision is the right thing to do. Star Trek Online has flourished and is awesome. Go explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations.

  9. The Necromancer says:




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