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My Favourite Articles Of 2010


The great thing about my blog is that if I can't find a suitable image for an article, I can just Google for an image of a Spitfire

Just to clarify, this article is about my favourite posts from my blog. As much as I’d like to be able to highlight all of the wonderful ones I’ve read from the other blogs over the course of the year, unfortunately I’m not imbued with a cybernetic brain and therefore can’t actually recall any of them. Plus I’m far too lazy to try and bother tracking them down.

One of the things I find frustrating as a blogger is that our articles have a very short life span. I reckon the window is anywhere from 24 hours to, maybe max, 72 hours. After that they’ve disappeared into the digital ether to never be heard of again until some poor soul types in the obscure combination of keywords which leads them to discover it on Google. Yes, a fair number of my posts do continually generate a healthy amount of search engine traffic per day but I’ve found that most of those visits are hollow and don’t often convert (to use a business term) into true readers (i.e. you lovely peeps). Indeed by far it’s the here and now that matters for blog articles and after a couple of days have past they are as quickly forgotten as if they never exited. Oh such vacuous creatures we are.

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Ding, level 85! (And Why I Now Feel Empty Inside)

WoW Level 85

Ding, level 85. A brief moment of satisfaction followed by hours of melancholy.

Approximately three weeks after the release of Cataclysm I’ve hit level 85 with my Warrior. Not exactly fast paced when you consider some psycho did it in the small window between the expansion releasing the Europe and America but, well, it suited me fine. I’ve had a nice three weeks of gently skipping through the levels and taking my time over it. Granted, I did a lot of PvP which isn’t particularly good for experience, played a new Worgen alt a bit and generally faffed around a lot but I was happy with my rate of progression.

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We Fly Spitfires Turns Two Today

Second Birthday

Fact: I started this blog the day after I got engaged. Yep, I know where my priorities lie.

Christmas Day is for opening presents, getting stuffed on food and spending time with la familia (I’m talking about one’s family and not the Mexican drug cartel, of course). It’s also a day for blogging, sneaking in MMO play time and dodging horrendous amounts of incoming wife aggro, all things I’m very good at considering this blog was born on Christmas Day exactly two years ago. To put it another way, it’s this itty-bitty-bloggy-woggy’s second birthday. Huzzah!

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I Love The Smell Of Mutually Consensual PvP In The Morning


I find battlegrounds are the perfect place for an idle chat

Good PvP is like good sex. It should be mutually consensual, absolutely fair and well balanced, filled with cursing and bad language and best enjoyed in large groups. Plus it’s also similar in the sense that a fairly large proportion of the WoW player base don’t participate in it on a regular occasion.

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I Just Can’t Keep Up

Male impotence

Sad guy? Consoling woman? Must be impotence

I know it’s a Sunday and I should probably be doing my weekly “best of the rest” article (I know, I know I’ve been slacking off with it lately) but hell, my blog, my rules. Plus I accidentally cleared all of the articles I’d been tracking in my RSS reader. But that aside, I wanted to share with you a bit of a personal frustration I’ve been having lately. Sure, if you’ve misread the title of this post then you’re probably thinking I’m about to share an issue I’m having with Little Gordon but, ladies fear not, that’s not the case at all. I am in fact talking about the rat race of leveling and gearing that plagues our MMOs.

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Titan Is World Of Starcraft

Starcraft 2 - Terran

It doesn't matter how far you go into the future, cigars will always be awesome

So, the codename “Titan” is official. I first heard it a few weeks ago when a leaked timetable surfaced on the web although at that point I dismissed the whole thing as a fake (understandably so considering how unprofessional the thing looked). But now Blizzard have owned up and admitted that the codename is genuine, not only making the leaked product slate a lot more believable but also casting a lot of (renewed) speculation about what the new MMO will be. Clash of the Titans the MMORPG? Something involving Saturn? A MMO set on the Titan…ic? Erm, well, yes…

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WoW On The iPad

I saw an article over on Massively last month about an app called everyAir which lets you stream WoW from your computer onto your iPad and thought it looked pretty interesting. Although I figured it was worth a blog article back then I never got round to it and just jotted a note down about it in my little black book of blog ideas instead. A few days ago though the developers of it sent me an email so, considering I easily succumb to peer pressure, I’ve necromanced my decaying word monkeys on the subject and brought you this juicy article.

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