My Goals For Age 28

Ding! Today I turn 28 years old. Having a birthday so close to the New Year is a double edged sword. It’s good in the sense that I have a solid two weeks of gifts and celebrations from Christmas until now but it sucks in the sense that I don’t have anything to look forward to for the rest of the year.

Turning 28 has given me moment to pause and look at what I want to accomplish before I hit 29. Here are my personal goals for the nex year of my life (in no particular order):

  • Be a better husband.
  • Learn Hiragana and Katakana script and 250 Kanji symbols.
  • Implement another design upgrade on the blog by April 1st.
  • Read 10 books (I’m a sloooow reader).
  • Come 2011, I will be able to hold a full, basic conversation in Japanese.
  • Hit 2,000 RSS subscribers (spread the word! :) ).
  • Write two short stories/manuscripts.
  • Play less but more quality games.
  • Overcome my inane OCD and be able to leave the house without checking the door is locked 274 times.

Some are obviously harder to achieve than others but I want to give it all a shot. Honestly, I feel a little strange about not only revealing my personal life goals to everyone but also about writing them down. I guess it’s a commitment thing. However, by putting these down in black and white (or in this case, 1s and 0s), I’m setting myself up a challenge.

It’s good to have things to aspire to. What are your goals for the next year of your life?

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  1. Andrew says:

    Happy birthday! I’m a new years baby too – Jan 10th – and so completely understand the nature of the beast. The one thing I loathe more than anything is joined presents though – then I really start to feel cheated. =)

    Good luck with the Japanese….. I’ve been dabbling with Cantonese/Chinese for the past few years, and keep telling myself that I need to be fluent soon so that I can help raise bilingual kids. It’s tough though – learning a new language – especially an Asian one – is no simple feat once you’re no longer a child. Our brains just get set in their ways.

    Good luck!

    • Gordon says:

      The Japanese verbal language is meant to be a lot easier than Chinese but the writing is just as tough, if not more so because of the extra alphabets (Chinese just have kanji don’t they? do they have an equivalent to hiragana/katakana?). The whole thing is crazy really compared to English :) I actually have a theory that it’s why Asian countries have less delinquency then in the West as they have to devote more time to educating themselves.

      • Chinese symbols are called “Hanzi”…not sure what “Hirgana/katakana” is but there are “short” symbols (which I have to study atm) and “long” symbols (if I come that far I have to study in 1 year) in chinese. (well its the translation from german to english not sure if one says it in english exactly the same)

        • Gordon says:

          Ahh :) In Japanese, the Chinese symbols are called “Kanji” and are the traditional Chinese ones (Chinese characters having been modernised over the centuries since Japan um ‘borrowed’ them – my wife is explaining all of this to me now :) ). This means that although Chinese and Japanese people cannot talk, they can often read the same writing :)

          Hiragana and Katakana are the other two Japanese alphabets and more simplistic than Kanji. They are symbols which represent syllables like ‘mu’, ‘ma’, ‘mo’ etc so once you’ve learned the symbols, you can read the words phonetically like in any Romanised language. Hiragana is used to describe Japanese words whilst Katakana is used only for foreign words.

          The Japanes combine all three alphabets together in their writings which means you need to know all of them in order to be able to read and write properly. Very tough stuff!

      • Andrew says:

        There’s just the one “alphabet” for Chinese…. although as Hammerfaust says, there are a couple of different ways to write each character. There is a “traditional” method, and a newer “simplified” method.

        What kills me about speaking Chinese is that it’s a tonal language, so if I say something like “gau” it could mean “9″, “dog”, “enough” or a number of other words depending on which of the six (for cantonese, four for mandarin) tones I put on it. This is very difficult for an english speaker because we vary the tone of our words to give a different inflection to a sentence, not to modify the words.

        Does Japanese have that sort or thing?

        • for me it aint the problem to speak those tones – more I struggle with hearing them when chinese people speak normal…not slowly like with a retard like me! ;)

          but as far as I know japanese doesnt have those tones…but not sure.

        • Gordon says:

          Ouch. That just sounds incredibly painful! :) No, fortunately the Japanese verbal language isn’t nearly as complicated. Tone means nothing and is used in the same way as European languages and any duplicate meanings are just worked out by context, just like in English.

          Japanese is apparently reasonably easy to learn and I haven’t had too much trouble picking up the basics. The written language is another care entirely though due to the combination of traditional Chinese symbols and 2 other alphabets.

  2. Longasc says:

    Congratulations. :)
    I have no special resolution for this year. I thought about it around new year’s eve, but it was all pretty trivial.

  3. Fremskritt says:

    Happy birthday!

    I just wonder what you define by “being a better husband”, but I guess that would reveal too much about your private life, so I’d better not ask.

    • Gordon says:

      I’m not really sure what it means myself other than I want to be “better” for my wife. It’s not like I’m a bad husband, I just want to be the best I can be for her and make her as happy as possible.

  4. Carson63000 says:

    Happy birthday!

    As everyone knows, astrology is complete and utter bullshit. But I have my own little theory about how the month in which you were born can define your personality somewhat.

    People born close to Christmas are more likely to have a “feast and famine” experience of childhood. The “solid two weeks of gifts and celebrations” and then a looooong year of not much to look forward to. Especially after Easter!

    Whereas people born mid-year are more likely to have a balanced experience of childhood, with the gifts and celebrations neatly arriving every six months. In the northern hemisphere, I guess a birthday around September maybe would be the most balanced – Easter, summer, birthday, Christmas, repeat.

    Surely this can shape your personality? What do you reckon – more or less insane than believing the signs of the zodiac mean something? :-)

  5. Happy birthday, indeed. And good for you for putting being a better husband at the top of your list. Not that I’m sure you’re a bad husband, but I’m glad to see your priorities are there. I’m sure she is, too.

    My birthday is in 4 days (27, what what?), so I guess I better add some personal stuff to my new year’s post, huh?

  6. Hah, n00b.

    Er, I mean, happy birthday. ;) Good luck with those resolutions!

  7. Kantrellk says:

    Belated Happy Birthday from a lurker :-)

    For the Japanese goals id recommend the following two things for the Kanji (Hiragana and Katakana are pretty easy to pick up) – Ive been doing Kanji for a while now and im up to 1800 learnt, so this book works pretty well, for me at least and im an old man compared to you so my memory is on its way out hehe

  8. Rose says:

    My favourite age was 27 / 28 so I hope you enjoy it! I hope to lost a stone in weight next year.. fingers crossed.

  9. Happy Birthday, mr wise!!

    250 Japanese symbols is a goal you will for sure reach!! But I know it is damn tough since I study chinese at the moment and thinking about giving up since the symbols are driving me crazy!! :)

    If you are such a good husband as a tank in pvp I bet there is nothing to complain about for your wife! ;) ) (The horny dwarf is speaking though my typing fingers!) hehehe

  10. ogrebears says:

    Give me your 26 Goals so i can be lazy when Fall come around!!!

  11. Aurdon says:

    Happy late birthday dude!

    I hear ya on the need to put things in writing in order to be accountable. I think thats why I stay away from things like that :) .

    My son just turned 3 before Christmas and between that, Christmas at our house, and Christmas at both his Grandma’s house, I’m thinking how we must have ruined his outlook on “oh hey! I’m going to get non stop gifts where ever I go now!”

    Good picks on the resolutions as well. I’ll probably incorporate those into my planned failures of this next year. Did I say failures? Meant resolutions.

  12. Heyo.

    I’d add you to an RSS Feed if I could understand how RSS feeds work. Think you can link to a post about adding an rss feed to something like livejournal?

  13. Jackie says:

    Happy birthday! I turn 30 this month and am already having friends tell me that I’m an old lady and I’m going to start getting wrinkles. :P

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