Korea vs Star Trek. Korea Wins.

I cancelled my Star Trek Online pre-order from Amazon today. I certainly had my doubts when I ordered it but decided to take the plunge anyway, the thoughts of a sexy Borg Officer (Locutus of Borg obviously) standing by my side on the bridge of the USS Dorothy swaying me. However, even though I haven’t even finished downloading the beta yet, let alone try it, I’ve already decided that the game isn’t for me.


Priests are scary, especially when they have legs for arms

Firstly, it hasn’t exactly been received by the blogging public with welcoming arms and glowing reviews. Lukewarm at best, some have even been downright negative and outright disparaging. Although the Star Trek universe and intellectual property appeals, I don’t have the time in my life to play games that just aren’t that good. Play less; play more quality was my MMORPG New Year’s resolution let’s not forget (blogging consistency or what?). Besides, Mass Effect 2 comes out on the 29th and that is definitely a game to get excited about.

Secondly, Amazon emailed me to kindly notify me that the game is going to be delayed in the UK from the 2nd Feb to the 5th and that I won’t receive my copy until the 10th. I can do the time but honestly, this has to be a sign from the Gods if I ever saw one. Bye, bye pre-order. Plus, Amazon already sent me my beta key so if a minor miracle does occur and Star Trek Online turns out to be just my cup of tea, I’ll just pop up to the shops and buy it.

Anyway, I’ve decided to use my refunded gift vouchers to pre-order Thirst on blu-ray instead. It’s a South Korean film by one of my favourite directors, Park Chan-wook (who made the exceptionally good Old Boy) and stars one of my favourite actors, Soong Kang-ho (from The Host and The Good, The Bad and The Weird, among other things). It’s had great reviews and is about vampires. What more could a guy ask for?

Foreign cinema is starting to appeal to me more and more these days as I find Hollywood becoming increasingly predictable and formulaic. There’s something refreshing about films that are made for the sake of art and don’t try to appeal to the mass market in order to turn the biggest buck. Asian cinema, especially Korean, is becoming increasingly exciting these days and turning out some great films that rival their Western counterparts in terms of scale and beat them hands down on characterisation and story.

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  1. Hint of the sexy dwarf: Japanese Horror movies are GREAT! ;) (But I guess you know that)

    Plus: Great idea to cancel STO -> more time for WoW! ;) )

  2. Guaka says:

    I’ve been playing the star trek beta. It’s ok, but it looks and plays like a mod. The game already looks a few years old, maybe when it’s released it’ll look slicker but right now…. It’s u g l y

  3. I’ve seen thirst – its a gooden. Gotta be in the right mood for it though, its a little slow, and not as brilliantly amazing as Old Boy.

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