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I love reading blogs, especially MMORPG ones, and I’m subscribed to several dozen RSS feeds (just over 60) in my reader. I don’t want to overwhelm myself with everyone’s fascinating rants and opinions but it did occur to me that I haven’t subscribed to many new feeds recently. So, in order to prevent my blog-readingness from stagnating, I figured I should be proactive and increase my available pool of reading material.

Of course, being the lazy sort, I figured I could just get you guys to do the hard work for me! Thus my post today. Can anyone suggest any good blogs for me to read? It can be your own (feel free to be as self promoting as you want, God knows I am), someone else’s, your ultimate nemesis’, anything is OK. MMORPG related would be nice but I honestly don’t mind. Leave me a comment or drop me a tweet or email and I’ll go check it out.

But I’m not all take and no give. Here’s a blog that I stumbled upon via Twitter and it’s sickeningly hypnotic: For some reason I’m just compelled to read it. Maybe it’s my fascination with life in New York or maybe it’s my love of dogs and cute chicks or maybe I’m just turning into a 16 year old girl. I don’t care, I just can’t hide my shame any longer.

On another note, does anyone have any recommendations for structuring feeds in their reader? I currently have them listed in order of my personal preference but it doesn’t seem like a very elegant way of organising everything. I suppose I could break them down by category and create folders for WoW/EVE/General etc but most bloggers tend to cover quite a few subjects so it’s not always obvious what they’re mainly focusing on.

P.S. I’m also keeping a Twitter list of all MMORPG bloggers that I encounter. It’s really just for my own organisational purposes and to stop me from losing my sanity trying to track down and backtrack other people’s tweets all the time. It’s currently following 45 people and I’m enjoying being able to view full threads of conversations between blogites. Let me know if you want on it (you may well already be) and feel free to follow it if you want. I don’t benefit from it but I’ll aim to keep the list up to date.

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  1. Jay Moffitt says:

    I’m a gamer who happens to be a lawyer. I read your blog regularly along with Kill Ten Rats, Virgins Worlds, VERN, Pixels and Policy, Eating Bees and another twenty or so.

    Hope you get a chance to visit as well as the others I mentioned. By the way, I have mentioned your blog in a post in the past, and my blog is focused on court decisions but also the longterm effect on gamers of those decisions.

  2. M says:

    I have my own blog, but I really wanted to share this one:

    She’s someone I discovered via Second Life. Reading about her, her high-risk pregnancy, her twin autistic boys, her oldest son, their adventures as a family, and her struggles and heartbreak over being a mom to “special needs” kids is simply captivating.

  3. Ah hey, self promotion! Well I suppose it’s fair since I reference you a lot. :P

    But you’re welcome to add my site:

    And I’m on twitter as well, @joshuameadows

  4. Bootae says:


    I’m so slack at pomoting my blog, but since I wub spitfires I’ll grab the opportunity for a bit of self promotion ;)
    One of the few remaining sites that is still regularly blogging about WAR, though tbh I find there’s plenty to ramble, rant and ruminate about. That said I also go on the odd tangent with the other MMOs I’m dabbling in like Star Trek, EVE, etc. Have a butchers when you get a mo and share a link if you feel so inclined ;)

    I’ll also take the chance to pimp some other blogs I regularly read:
    The mighty Werit, also blogging about WAR, but also other MMOs:
    A High Latency Life, another MMO blog of course and by a most delectable chap called Rivs.

    Loads of others I could link, but this comment would get a bit huge :P

  5. Fremskritt says:

    Sanctioned shameless self-promotion? I am in!

    *points a few lines up*

    I still haven’t really found my direction though and I don’t really have a schedule, but I try and make it at least one post per week so I don’t forget it like I did for about a year. :P

    As for organizing your reading list, go for what makes sense to you. Most of my reading list is gaming blogs, so I’ve divided it into blogs by gamers, blogs by developers and other blogs. I can’t say if it would work for you though, since I don’t know what yours looks like.

  6. Ramon says:

    Oooh, self-promotion!

    It doesn’t get much more niche than Shards of Dalaya (about 500 players), so I’m blogging from my SoD characters’ perspective without taking things too seriously:

    I also try to explain SoD features that weren’t in EverQuest proper. Mansion of Portals, unbinders, that sort of thing. I’ll try to make things a bit more interesting in the future by introducing.. err.. story arcs. Or some such thing.

    Insider tip: Oric is planning a completely ridiculous server-wide event for one of the next weekends. Stay tuned.

  7. Stabs says: is a compilation of submissions from frustrated, exasperated and infuriated customer service employees telling amusing anecdotes about dealing with the public.

    I love it because I deal with the public but I think it’s entertaining even for people who don’t.

  8. Rhii says:

    I’m not in the blog suggesting industry… since I think you already know where I live.

    But I clicked your links and was disturbed. I see the strange fascination, but if I want to know what it’s like to have a baby bulldog, I’ll get my own. :P

  9. Brian Inman says:

    I am sure you have seen my comments on some of the same blogs we seem to both read. You can see my main blog at and recently I launched my new Gaming Blogger Tips blog at

  10. Ferrel says:

    A couple that I read a lot are and Both are quite good and well thought out.

    Then of course there is that place. That guy is ok I guess. @ferreles

  11. Grimnir says:

    Well, Bootae covered a few of em, so I’ll give up myself and a few other WAR bloggers.

    I’m a stick-shaking theorycrafter entrenched in the battlefields of Warhammer Online, been going strong for about a year now, had a brief hand at some WAR-related webcomic-ish-ness, and typically cry out for all the hopes and dreams the general WAR public didn’t know they had or wanted. Occasionally I’ll ramble for a moment about the past, or some shiny new game on the horizon and/or in my bed.

    I think my site is rated M for offensive language and crude adult themes at times. Or maybe that was just some anonymous whiner that couldn’t handle a bit of venting anger. Anywho! @wargrimnir has the tweets.

    Also, check out some and Hehe..

  12. scrusi says:

    Well, you’ve visited my site before, but who knows what additional visitors I met get through this. Who am I to pass up on such an opportunity? is a six month old blog on gaming and game design with a strong MMORPG focus. The author studies games for a living (alright, just for a degree so far, but here’s hoping ;) ) and is desperately searching for the next big MMO to sink his spare time into.

    @scrusi on Twitter, though I’m still trying to get to grips with the whole concept.

  13. kaozz says:

    I’m always looking for new blogs to read also. It’s nice to read what other people are doing, as far as mmo’s go. Drop by mine sometime :D

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