WoW Arena Season 8: Fashion Victim

Blizzard recently revealed the World of Warcraft Arena Season 8 armour sets and given my current interest in Project Runway, I figured I’d write up my reactions. I don’t know where my recent infatuation with fashion comes from but I do have a sneaking suspicion that my wife is secretly slipping estrogen supplements into my morning coffee. Although I have no proof to back that claim up, it does provide a convenient excuse for my budding man-breasts, or “moobs” as they’re sometimes referred to. But alas you’re not here to read about my imminent ability to lactate so let’s crack on with a section I like to call “Passion For Fashion”.

Paladin's Receive The Fashion Passion

Paladin's Receive The Fashion Passion

First off, I gotta commend Bizzard on doing a fine job of creating interesting and grandiose armour that really captures not only the essence of each class but also the feeling of power and achievement behind them. I know some people hate WoW’s over-the-top cartoony appearance and, yes, although a lot of characters do end up looking like Power Rangers with fluorescent over-sized ’80s shoulder pads, I find the artist style of the game quite appealing. Ironically, when WoW first came out I really wasn’t a fan of the art direction but over the years it’s grown on me and it’s certainly allowed the game to age gracefully. EQ2 in comparison looks and runs like a dog’s dinner now and I’m glad for anything which offers armour in colours other than grey, grey and greyer.

Whenever Blizzard release new armour sets, I immediately rush to check out the Warrior set as it’s my favourite class. After the stunning Tier 10 Warrior threads, I was hoping for something equally awesome but instead found myself a little disappointed with the Arena Season 8 design. It’s OK, I suppose, and certainly not as ugly as the ridiculous looking Hunter armour but I just don’t understand Blizzard fascination with half-cut helmets/face-plates. I quite dig the fact that it’s red and spikey but, honestly, do you want to run around with your Warrior worrying that if you nod too quickly you’ll impale yourself through the face?

The Death Knight, Rogue and Warlock armour are certainly rising to the top of the class though and get a solid grade B for coolness, inspiration and quirkiness. Although not as funky as the Tier 10 Scarecrow version, the Arena Season 8 Rogue armour has an odd charm to it that I find appealing. I’m pretty sure the designers have given up trying to make Rogues look as if they are wearing leather to enhance their sneaking ability and have just opted for crazy spikes and weird shoulder pads. Works for me.

The real winner here though is Blizzard’s Favoured Son, the Paladin. Being Scottish I loved their skirt armour from Tier 10 and being a teenager at heart, I love this new look with it’s crazily exaggerated shoulder pads and plumed helm. The style suits their class down to a T and it captures the spirit of the Holy Crusader perfectly. Well played, Blizzard, well played.

So there you have it. Tim Gunn eat your heart out.

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  1. Nice site man, picked up a couple nuggets here…can’t wait for Cataclysm, I read a rumor that it’s going to be released November 2010, but with Blizz you can never tell :/

  2. Longasc says:

    Disco Stu came for you? You know the ashes keeper in DAO? This is how a Paladin has to look like, not like this! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

  3. Since you mount is pink you might be right with the “estrogen case and the sneaky wife”! :)

    Referring to the armor: The warrior just looks awesome! I also like the druids style but come on what is that crap the hunter has to wear? A shame!! I quite had to giggle when I saw the rogues wear! It reminds me of Nintendo’s character named “Samus” of “Metroid Prime”! :)

  4. I’m incredibly sad that more of the Paladin armor doesn’t have a skirt for legs. Paladins look so much more awesome that way, and so few of their armor sets really go that direction. I love the T10, too, for that reason, and I can’t wait to get Beej, my new Pally, to 80 so I can start saving my Frost badges for my shiny, new skirt.

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