Would You Get An iPad If It Could Play World Of Warcraft?

The iPad. Giving us juvenile jokes since Jan '10

The iPad. Giving us juvenile jokes since January 2010

As it seems like most people were, I was rather underwhelmed by the recent release of the iPad. I don’t have anything against Apple and I adore my iPhone but I’m not going to praise every product they release just for the sake of it like one of those Mac Evangelists (you know who you are!). Still, a few delusional souls pondered whether the iPad could run World of Warcraft and suddenly, my interest was piqued.

Of course, I use the term delusional because there is no way the iPad could run WoW and thus, even if the bodies were willing, it could never be a reality. The iPad just doesn’t have the power, speed or capacity to run the game so it’s sadly never going to be an option. But still, let’s just imagine for one moment that it could. What if the iPad could run WoW at a reasonable framerate and, better yet, a reasonable latency over 3G? Wouldn’t that just be awesome?

So assuming this fantasy was a reality and WoW was just another app in the Apple Store, would it convince you to get an iPad? Let’s vote.

Would you get an iPad if it could play World of Warcraft?

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  1. I will definaetly would!

    One of the main reasons I’m not buying one at the moment is that it does’nt really feel like a computer, but rather a nice toy.

    Having that gravitate towards a more “game consul” might work fine for me just as well :)

  2. Jonathon says:

    ‘piqued’ is the word you were looking for – ‘peaked’ implies that the only way for your interest to go is down. =)

  3. Tesh says:

    How could it? The user interface problems are not insignificant. You’d probably need a peripheral to handle it, and that sort of defeats the purpose.

    • Gordon says:

      I’m not convinced the UI would be the main barrier however the game controls would certainly need to be redesigned. If they can get FPS and hack’n’slash games running on the iPhone with easy-to-use controls, I’m sure they could figure out a way to get WoW working.

  4. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    I would rather cut off my own hands with a butter knife and have them fed to me. So I guess my answer is no.

  5. Jason says:

    Tesh, you can play WoW entirely with a mouse, which means you can play entirely with a touchscreen… if you are willing to use “click to move”.

    But seriously, WoW on an iPad? Why? More soloing and less chat? That’s just moving in the opposite direction of what I want from an MMO.

    • Gordon says:

      Can’t argue with you about the direction of MMOs – I just picked WoW because it, out of all of them, would be the likely candidate to hit the iPad. Now what would be truly awesome is a custom built MMO for something like the iPad or Netbooks. Unfortunately the current Flash MMOs – like Dofus – won’t run on anything Apple.

  6. Longasc says:

    Try to play WoW without a keyboard and you experience a new dimension of stupidity and pain.

    Attach a keyboard to the iPad, and you don’t need it, as this thing that has a keyboard and a screen is known as laptop and most can run WoW without any problems.

    Playing WoW is an odd desire anyways, regardless of the system.

    • Jason says:

      I’ve played WoW without a keyboard. As long as you don’t want to talk to anyone, it plays perfectly fine. In fact, a touchscreen would actually be easier than a mouse in some aspects because you don’t have to drag the cursor around to click things, you just tap them. The only thing that would be worse on an iPad would be movement. On a mouse you just hold down both left and right buttons and then move the mouse to turn… there is no way to do that on a touchscreen, which is why I mentioned “click to move”. Toss in a few buttons to shift the camera around and it works. Not well, but it works.

    • Gordon says:

      I reckon the game could be modified to make it playable with a touch screen. It’s just a UI and control system after all. I never would’ve thought a FPS or hack’n’slash would’ve been playable on the iPhone either but they work quite well.

  7. Fremskritt says:

    Playing WoW without a keyboard… it can be done, but I’d rather not. I can’t play without my keybindings.

  8. Rhii says:

    I already spend far too much of my time on WoW as it is.

    Porta-WoW with 3G would make me fear I believed in game addiction after all.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  9. Tesh says:

    Even if the UI were solved and the tech feasible (which they may well be, I’ll grant), I’d still not play WoW on the machine. These touch screen interfaces suffer from what I call the Cintiq Problem. I work with a tablet doing computer art for several hours a day, and I can’t stand the Cintiq (Wacom’s “draw on the surface” tablet computer… thing). I don’t want to simulate putting my fat hand in between me and the art. I *like* that using a remote tablet and stylus effectively reduces my point of contact and obscuration to a mere cursor. If I had to play WoW with my hand in the way, especially if I needed quick and precise responses, I’d probably not enjoy it much.

    That’s even on top of the fat finger problem, where a cursor is precise, and a big ‘ol finger just isn’t nearly as effective. I worked on an iPhone game, and it was a PAIN to test it out on the iPhone itself. I’d test it on the PC build whenever I could, just because I didn’t have to fight the blasted interface. We eventually got the touch sensing down to the point where it wasn’t painful to use, but for a long time, it just wasn’t worth bothering with, and that’s not entirely our fault.

    Touch screens are pretty and sci-fi geek fudge (that’s me in the corner, waving my membership card), but they aren’t always the optimal UI for applications. …so no, WoW doesn’t sell the iPad to me. I’d not even play WoW on it if I got one free of charge somehow.

  10. Masaq says:

    (If I still played) I could see myself logging on, checking auctions or guild chat, crafting, that would all work acceptably. Combat, probably not – I wouldn’t want to rage-throw my ipad across the room.

    I’m surprised Blizzard hasn’t made mini-apps that would allow players to access WoW from outside of the game. You can imagine an auction app, crafting app, even just a chat app. These wouldn’t have to be iphone/pad specific, I think many people would find these useful just as PC apps or even Flash/Ajax apps.

  11. luvy duvy says:

    they allready came out with the authenticators rite? so they minus well come out with the next step and make some sort of protable machine like the gameboy or psp but it only plays wow and other future games blizz comes up with

    i would play it on my lunch break i would have all my alts leveled to max in notime lol

  12. There are two features that I want for the iPad to have: the ability to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to it at a dock in the house so I can simply plug it up and use it as though the monitor were portable (which the iPad has a semblance of with the Apple Wireless Keyboard, but not a mouse yet) and the ability to install non-mobile applications on it, like WoW. If the iPad ran a version of MacOS, I’d be happy, but it’s modified iPhone OS makes this nearly impossible.

    Until I can install any program I want and not be limited by the “mobility” moniker, I’ll spend the extra cash for a fully functional MacBook Pro.

    • Gordon says:

      Apple are being very careful to limit what people can install so I doubt it will ever happen. You can’t even run Flash on the darn thing! I actually think a supplier who brings out a similar touchscreen device that can run a proper OS will have a big advantage in the market share.

  13. Christian says:

    You can play WoW easy without a keyboard or mouse. I’ve been using my xbox 360 remote for years now. All you need is a Switchblade account and a USB port and it makes the game a thousand times better. Turns Warcraft into a console game for enhanced PvP action.

  14. No Camera and No Flash support, odd oversight, this is that has many fans stumped.this article to learn top 10 worst things about the Apple iPad. To buy an iPad or not, it’s up to you

  15. Vixey says:

    It doesn’t matter what they made capable of running wow, heck they could make it a flying purple monkey or poisonous tenticle monster for all I care, but if I could play wow on it and carry it in one hand while sprinting to my next meeting/uni class/modus of transport/social gathering/etc. I’d slam my money(willing to pay up to $2500AU) on their counter and yell “hand that thing over!”

    Now you can talk till you’re blue in the face about how you can’t do it, but remember…
    Bill gates said himself, “no one will ever use more than 8mb”.
    and now we live in an age where every one has 32gig in their back pocket.
    You can’t even begin to imagine what really IS possible.

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