How To Be Romantic: Celebrate Valentines Day In A MMORPG

Dearest wife,

My love for you is like an eternal well that spouts sparkly pink champagne love drops. I pondered many ways in which to show my deepest affection for you and pondered even further the ways we could celebrate our loving relationship together. A romantic candlelit dinner for two, mayhaps? Nay, too cliché. 24 red roses delivered to your bedside by a naked me? Non, too contrived. Some shiny silver jewellery perhaps? Niet, I know how you just deplore material things like diamonds and platinum.

But alas, fret not my dear, for I have foundest the perfect way for me to convey my feelings towards yonself! I shall spend all evening in front of my computer questing by myself in World of Warcraft in order to complete a series of trivial tasks and earn special “Love is in the Air” achievements. I shall then take some screenshots of myself receiving the rewards for you to peruse on your laptop alone at a time of your suiting. And thus through this bound our love shall grow ever stronger.

I can only hope that one day you shall find it within your heart to return this favour and shower me with the cyber affection that I so wholly give to you.

You humble and ever obedient husband,


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  1. jim says:

    That sounds like a great Idea!

  2. Ravious says:

    Oh the line between satire and reality is so fine. =D

  3. Brian Inman says:

    She should really appreciate your creativity.

  4. Rhii says:

    I might have been this disturbed once before… :P

    Not sure though.

  5. Peter says:

    You must have a very understanding wife. :P

    • Gordon says:

      She’s surprisingly patient and understanding about my geekery to be honest. I think it comes from the fact that even my levels of obsession and geekage don’t come anywhere close to the extremes that some people go to in Japan. I reckon she’ll put up with me so long as I don’t start buying semi-nude anime figurines of girls wearing school uniforms.

  6. Rose says:

    We always go for a meal on valentines, however this year we are going out tomorrow night because valentines is on a Sunday and as we all know, Sunday is RAID night… thank god I have a very understanding boyfriend hahaha

  7. shipwreck says:

    On our anniversary last year, I gave my wife a love note (in-game item) and a piece of extraordinary leather because 3 is the leather anniversary. She appreciated it and has both items in her housing storage. Of course, we still had a lovely night out but thank God I got her into LotRO.

    Turbine is also having a Valentime’s screenshot contest so we’re trying to figure something creative out.

  8. xorah says:

    Just give her one beautifull flower.This means in my opinion the eternal love.Maybe i am too romantic.But thats what i am:)

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