The Best Of The Rest: First Edition

Syp’s got AFK, Tipa’s got her Daily Blogroll (I know she hasn’t done it in a while but bear with here… I’m struggling to establish precedent) and Rock, Paper, Shotgun has the Sunday Papers; I figured it was about time I had my own weekly link love article for when I was feeling too lazy to post anything original. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a hidden Internet gem in the section that lurks beneath, maybe it will open your mind to new horizons or make your slap your thigh in pure giggling delight. Either way, I get to spend my afternoon basking in the glory of others instead of trying to conjure another of my blogging masterpieces. That’ll come tomorrow.

So there you have it, my pick of the Interweb for the past while. Just like a supermarket loyalty card and my Amazon account this information can be used to build up a complex mapping of my personality and brain waves. Promise not to use it to clone me.

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  1. Not a year old yet, just a year since I made the announcement we were expecting. I get bored and read my own blog, but like I am from the future… so I read last year and go back and tell myself things.

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