What MMORPG Would You Take To A Desert Island?

Ah, that old cliché: if you were stranded on a desert island what MMORPG would you pick to take with you? Silly, I know, but if you look past the ludicrous nature of the question (’cause if you did have a fully functional PC, power supply and Internet connection, getting yourself off the island would be pretty easy and thus destroy the entire premise of the question) it does actually present an interesting consideration.

Gimme a PC, power and the Internet... and leave me be

Gimme a PC, power and the Internet... and leave me be

For me, I’d want a MMO that, above all else, offered longevity. No sense in picking one that I get bored with after a few weeks or ran out of stuff to do in. No, I’d want one that offers me almost nigh unlimited playability and replayability and preferably one in which I can really get a sense of accomplishment and achievement. The game’s going to be my cyber home for the long, long time to come after all so better make sure I can make an impact in it.

That pretty much rules out World of Warcraft. As much as I enjoy the game, it’s more of a fun distraction than a fulltime hobby. Everquest 2 goes out of the window too because I’m already so familiar with it and I don’t even want to consider newer games like Age of Conan, Warhammer, Aion or Champions Online. They were fun but didn’t give me anything substantial to sink my teeth into. Plus how long they will continue to survive is anyone’s guess.

Star Trek Online? That could be good choice but given how new it is I don’t think it would have enough content to keep me going. Remember, I’m stranded on a desert island with nothing else to do accept for eat coconuts and chase the monkeys. In terms of sheer content, it would be hard to beat the old faithfuls like the original Everquest or Ultima Online. My only concern with those two is that their dated graphics and impenetrable UIs and controls would drive me to hanging myself from a palm tree.

Well, how about Lord of the Rings Online? Ah yes, now we’re starting to cook with gas (and by gas I mean the twigs I foraged from the tropical wilderness). I know it’s a great game and it’s got an established player based with a good amount of content. Perhaps this is exactly what I’m looking for… except I’m not sure how many times I could stomach seeing players wander by named things like “Leggolas” or “Araggorn”.

There is, however, one MMORPG that hits all of the marks and appeals to me on all levels. It’s vast, it’s deep, it’s ruthless and it has unlimited potential. Yes, I’m talking about the cousin that I always wanted to marry, the black widow that is known as EVE Online. I can’t think of a better game to throw myself into head first and totally obliterate my life with. I’ve only played it for a few months so there’s still a heck of a lot for me to figure out, explore and do. Plus it’s truly a game in which I could accomplish and achieve something; I did promise you all I would become a King in it after all.

EVE Online is one of those games that make me wish I was unemployed so I could just spend all day devouring it’s spacey goodness like a transfixed junkie. I skitter along the edges of it at the moment, continually enticed to resubscribe, the only thing holding me back knowing that it would swallow my life up completely. And I’m not ready for that right now. No, at the moment I’m happy enough with my packaged vacations to Disney Land of Warcraft. That’s honest, wholesome goodness that lets me keep all aspects of my life in balance and harmony. EVE though… EVE would utterly consume me.

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  1. Andrew says:

    At this point in my gaming life: none. If I was stuck on a desert island I’d want a game that engaged me, challenged me, and made me think…. an MMO would be pretty close to the bottom of my list. Something like Civ 4, on the other hand, would do nicely.

  2. kaozz says:

    I thought of this question before, then I came to the points you made- ha.

    ‘For me, I’d want a MMO that, above all else, offered longevity.’ I agree with that, for this reason I would pick Everquest. I’d have to have something that has a lot of content, depth and would last me a long time.

  3. Grimfire says:

    If I could could go back in time a little i’d take SWG pre-cu. Outside of that no current mmo has long lasting appeal.

  4. Rhii says:

    Ha. My brother is definitely on the same page as you… except he already married the black widow.

    I’d lean toward LOTRO. WoW is definitely my first-love in MMOs, but LOTRO is where I go to chill now, when WoW is too boring or too full of drama. It’s a world I could actually imagine living in.

  5. Salvaenus@khadgar.eu says:

    Everquest II but only because it’s so NEW to me. Yes I konw, Talk about late to the party. Definitely NOT WoW because if I am stranded on a desert Island I think leaving my old life behind would be good way to start, you know melancholy, homesickness that kinda thing.

  6. Adam says:

    I think that it’s important to remember that you are going to be stranded on this desert island alone. So you are going to need to live your life literally in this game, which means that it will have to give you what you can’t get on the island:

    1. Hawt chicks,
    2. Gambling,
    3. Intellectual absorbtion,
    4. Mind numbing grinding, the more the better,
    5. An awesome end game,
    6, A levelling process that can be done again and again without wanting to tear your nails out,
    7. Hawt chicks.

    I can’t think of what would suffice.

  7. Stargrace says:

    I hate to sound like I’m just going along with what you said – but I’d have to say EVE. It’s one of the only games out there that will let me do such a huge amount of different things depending on my mood – not to mention it’s time friendly, so the more time you put into it the better your character gets but it doesn’t ever “tap out” per say (Ie: If you spend a month or two playing WoW suddenly you’re end game, play a few more months and suddenly there is nothing more for you to upgrade).

    Of course first I would have to get over the fact that I’m on a desert island with internet access, and no way to get off…

  8. Longasc says:

    Guild Wars, of course. The class combo system and the beautiful environments plus interesting missions and all that can entertain me for years.

  9. I would have to agree with EVE Online, or possibly Love depending on what it turns out to be in its final version.

  10. Hudson says:





    Our very first episode, airing in August of 2009 originally. We talk about Darryl’s trip to Japan, general gaming and get into what we want to do with the show. Covered topics include: Jason grills Darryl on Japanese gaming culture, Darryl gets picked on by a shuriken master and his mother in law,

    Stranded island MMO of choice. Music this week is by Shinedown off of the Sound of Madness release

  11. Tesh says:

    Ah, but how long are we on the island? Forever? Should game longevity even count? Should we assume that the game will be perpetually in its existing state, or count on upgrades, announced or otherwise? Is there shade on the island? (Seriously; have you tried playing a PC game in the sunlight? Graphic options are crucial there…) Are we stuck with a laptop or a beefy Alienware monster with five huge flatscreen monitors? Can we multibox? Do we have infinite money with which to feed the subscription or microtransaction monsters? Do we get the rest of the internet (WoWwiki, voice chat, forums)?

    …that’s just off the top of my head. I just can’t decide without knowing the parameters of the question. ;)

    If I had to guess, though, I’d say Puzzle Pirates. It’s even theme appropriate, since island ownership in that game is a high level goal…

    • Gordon says:

      Timeframe: 10 years +
      Hardware: No upgrades (we’re on a desert island after all! C’mon! :) ) but the initial hardware is pretty awesome and has a couple of nice big widescreen monitors.
      Shade: Not as first but your monkey helpers will build you a hut.
      Multibox: Nope, only got 1 PC.
      Infinite Subscription: Yep… and yes, maybe some microtransactions :)
      Access To The Internet: Hmm, sure why not :)

      • Tesh says:

        Sweet. I get monkey helpers? Who needs gold farmers when you have monkeys?

        OK, with those further parameters… um… does the *game itself* upgrade? As in, do we get expansions or stick with the game as it is now?

        Hrm… you just made it harder for me. It’s between WoW, LOTRO, EVE and Allods Online for me. I’d probably settle on WoW, actually, mostly because in the end, I’d spend most of my time looking around solo. (The metric ton of data out there on the ‘net about WoW is nice, too.) WoW has a very slight edge on LOTRO for visuals, and AO doesn’t seem to have as many places to go, though it looks nicer than WoW. EVE is gorgeous, but it’s harder to get everywhere solo.

        If I had an invincible ship (with no teeth), EVE might be the winner, and if AO had more content and soloable ships, it would edge out both WoW and the hypothetical EVE.

        …so once again… it depends. ;) It’s interesting to me that my ultimate choice comes down to places to go and things to see. Maybe it’s because I see the gameplay in all of these things as highly repetitive to start with, and after 10+ years, I’ll be FAR past bored with the gameplay of any MMO. All they have left to keep me playing is places to go and things to see.

        • Gordon says:

          I’m assuming we’d get all of the expansions and content upgrades but even then I’d opt for EVE over WoW. I think I’d just blast through the content of WoW far too quickly whereas I think EVE would last for a long, long time. I reckon that within 24 months I could become the prime ruler of the galaxy.

  12. JC says:

    Well…. if I was stuck on a desert island for 10 years and had no way to renew my account via normal means… I’d go with EVE since I can buy my game time with in-game currency. I’d also lean toward EVE for the variety of possible activities.

    But I’d be jonesing for EQ2. I’ve played it since launch and I still just love it.

  13. TK says:

    EVE Online! When I saw the title of the post I already knew the answer! Speaking as a past member of the EVE community, the game will consume you if you give it the time. I still think about resubbing, since I have 4 accounts ranging from 40-70 mil skillpoints, but I will be lost to the world for another few years if I give in!! With 10+ years, you can do alot and still not get to everything. Market manipulation, production, invention, suicide gank in high sec, low-sec piracy, black market trading, missions, gate camping 0.0 entry, roaming gangs, fleet battles, POS bash (actually think that may have been removed), exploration, complexes, wormhole space, MINING (lol), and CORPORATE ESPIONAGE!! Damn, I want to resub now!!! THANKS ALOT! lol

  14. aditya says:

    I d prefer maplestory cause u could play it for a long time going through each and every class

  15. Almeda says:

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