Do You Get Teased For Playing MMORPGs?

My brother’s colleagues at work found out he started playing World of Warcraft and sent him this video to tease him:

The strangest thing of it all is that he (my brother, not the guy in the video) is a hardcore programmer (it’s only real programming if you have to use pointers) for a hardcore programming company and yet they all still think playing WoW is geeky enough to warrant picking on him for it.

Ironically enough I work for a hip and trendy digital agency and no one has ever mocked me for playing a MMORPG (albeit I did hide my secret shame from them all for several years). Of course this probably has something to do with the fact that the Managing Director of the company used to play it.

Have you ever been teased for playing a MMO?

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  1. Sharon says:

    My husband, who’s not a gamer, teases me regularly. Sometimes when I’m playing, he’ll say things like, “Did you find the Sword of a Thousand Truths yet?” (Because, you know, that joke just never gets old…*sigh*)

    The funny thing is that when we’re around his coworkers, he’ll actually brag about my gaming. Around engineering nerds, gaming makes me the “cool” wife.

  2. Pitrelli says:

    yeah my best mate at work did….. until he started playing it recently

  3. Hel says:

    I’m pretty certain my brother thinks I haven’t grown up, but then his main hobby is recording a retro music podcast & learning to play the bongos so I don’t think he’s really got a leg to stand on! Outside of family, most people will just look a little confused and assume that my husband & I don’t spend any time together since we both spend so much time playing games on our computers. I’ve found that trying to explain to them that we are spending time together while playing an MMO is pretty futile.

    @Sharon – Being a “cool, gamer wife” does seem to be a bragging point for guys, even the non-gamer types. I think part of it is that women who have a hobby that sucks you in for hours on end like some vortex of doom, generally don’t mind when their guy has a similar hobby (and most do!). None of this “but I want you to watch reality tv with me!!” rubbish ;)

  4. Ninjeroo says:

    I work for a games publisher and most of us game to varying degrees: I like my MMO PC corner, others prefer console sports/action/adventure. We all affectionately call each other Geeks (never an insult to me, no matter who says it) and poke fun at each other for “geeking” out over stats/graphics/scores etc.

    I’ve been called a “super nerd” for playing EVE Online by a games producer of all people, and my colleagues think it’s hilarious that I like to take “Develop” magazine home. I’ll just rise above that and make sure I return the favour ;)

  5. Stabs says:

    I’ve never been teased for playing MMOs. I’ve occasionally been mildly teased for larping by people who feel chasing others around in the woods with a rubber sword is vaguely sexual*. I don’t recall ever being teased for playing D&D which I’ve played since I was 14 despite being in a school where everyone got teased for everything.

    It is however water off a duck’s back to me and I have the attitude that anyone teasing another person for not being mainstream enough is a complete wierdo so if I were to be teased I’m sure I’d give back as good as I got.

    (* this was by nerds. “Normal” people of my acquaintance think having a wierd hobby is perfectly normal and acceptable).

  6. Sadly, my current group of real life friends do not play MMOs at all. They don’t make fun of me for it, since I don’t think they know what an MMO is to begin with.

  7. Rhii says:

    A 60-ish woman coworker of mine at my last job (insurance company) had apparently seen the “Numa Numa” video at some point, and she asked me if people who played online games did things like that in their spare time… >_>

    I don’t think she was trying to tease me though, I think she was just legitimately clueless!

  8. Grimfire says:

    Many of my friends don’t know I play MMOs and none of my coworkers do. They all know I’m a computer geek and I enjoy programming at work as much as I do in my spare time and they assume I’m doing that (and I never correct them as I don’t feel like explaining). However my wife (nongamer) does tease me but in a good way. She often asks me if I got any “phat loot” on my latest dungeon run.

  9. Hirvox says:

    It’s all relative. There are only three types of MMO players. Entitled casuals who want everything handed to them on a silver platter. Then there’s no-life basement-dwelling nerds, who spend every hour of their lives in the game. Then there’s me, who magically manages to achieve that perfect balance between the two. ;-)

    No, I don’t get teasted for playing MMORPGs, because there’s plenty of us where I work. The non-players’ only gripe is that they get shut out of casual conversations because they don’t know the lingo.

  10. Jackie says:

    My boyfriend calls me a nerd for playing EQ1, although he’s a gamer (he plays Perfect World). The old graphics and the casio keyboard music from 10 years ago has made a bad impression on him. :P

  11. Usiel says:

    “Teased” is far to weak, I would rather call it a “witch hunt”.

    My girl friend works in the marketing department, trendy ladies from 25 to 35, shiny apple hardware, Café Latte and PowerPoint Karaoke.
    I work in the financial sector, dark suits, blackberry’s and Dinners.

    We found each other in World of Warcraft, and after four years of long distance relationship, I moved Munich.

    When people ask us how we met, we never dare to tell them, because the general opinion of Warcraft Players is, that they are addicted, living from social welfare, fat freaks or even worse homicidal maniacs.

    Even our usually very respectable national television broadcasts News with WoW Raiders wearing Diapers during raid or having a dirt bucket next to their desk. They present cases of people respectable people quitting their jobs, fathers who stop caring for their families or talented Sportsmen, turning into fat Gamers.

    Our guild meets each year in one of our members Hometowns. We have several couples in the same situation, we all agree that you can not tell everyone, that you like online games.

    The worse story I know, is from a couple from Hamburg. They took a baby break, and returned a year later. They usually play, when their baby boy is sleeping. Since they life in a rural area, there is not much to do, besides watching TV. So playing at the evening was ideally for them.

    He works for Airbus, and she for a car rental, they are really loving parents, but when he mentioned playing Warcraft to his Brother-in-law, her own family doubted, that they are caring for their child. So they said, they stopped playing.

    We know the two of them for years now, even visit them in the summer. If you would look up for THE Family in a lexicon, you would find them. I mean, they did everything right, they bought a home, have no dept, they love capering around with their child, but mentioning Warcraft makes them suspicious.

    When Burning Crusade was released, I stood in line of a big media store in Cologne. It was 6 a clock in the evening, so typical rush hour for employees.
    We were all waiting in various lines at the cashier. Besides myself, there were three other “Suits” with BC, and we all somehow covered the boxes with our hands.
    One of them took my look, and smiled when he recognised the expansion in my hand.

    The Headline of the local yellow press of that day, showed a bunch of nerds fighting over Burning Crusade boxes during the midnight sale.

    • Gordon says:

      Wow, that’s incredibly extreme! Such a shame :( I always suspected some people really didn’t approve of MMOs as a hobby but I didn’t think it would be quite so bad. I suppose I’m quite lucky that I haven’t encountered any negativity about my hobby but then I have been quite careful about who I reveal it to.

    • Stormdragon says:

      Yes I have friends in Germany and it is very tough to be gamer in that country, Diametrically in korea some gamers are Worshiped as national heroes. I live in the U.S. but I worked for a very large Japanese based fax film company for almost a decade I would never dare utter that i was a gamer or played D&D, that would mean instant dismissal, I met my now wife when she was DMing a Dragonlance game, she managed a Clothing store and had the same don’t ask don’t tell policy, we both got sick of hiding who we were and what we loved to do. I now work for a smaller marketing firm, and she is a paramedic,at 46 I am in bettre shape than most 22 year olds and even though my wife is 30 she still looks liek she is in her early 20’s (so much for sterotypes..) and we now refuse to hide the fact that we love gaming, and if anyone has a problem with it they had better pack their lunch because they will be in for a long nasty fight.

  12. Ardua says:

    Mostly I get mystified looks filled with wonder.

    I work in Market Research in Ireland. First we had a poor uptake on broadband for years, now it’s exploding all over the country. Second, online is still a scary place for most of them (though of course Market Research people view Twitter and Facebook as gifts from on high).

    When they find out that I met my wife online, have had friends visit whom I’d known for years but never met in the flesh or the most recent tidbit, am a groomsman at a wedding this year for people I’ve only ever gamed with across the Atlantic they just cant grasp it.

    Then agian maybe they don’t tease me because I’m rather tall and could break them in two…

  13. Longasc says:

    No, but I tease my WoW playing friends. ;)

  14. Rose says:

    After working where I am for five years I decided to confess to my work colleagues a few months ago. I was called a geek, nerd and geek lover.. in retaliation I said they were all ned lovers and told them to shut up or I would kill a baby dragon.

  15. tbh I have to tease myself while being with my friends for playing WoW so they cant hurt my feelings!! ;) just joking…not telling anybody I play WoW! lol

    btw: never saw that video of the poor fat guy! dunno if I should laugh or be shocked…

  16. Dustin Moore says:

    I can almost feel this guy’s pain lol. I spent all day yesterday uninstalling and reinstalling after my .exe file somehow became corrupt,only to not be able to reinstall it. It didn’t even work until today.

    P.S. Maybe a video blog isn’t the right type of media for this guy.

  17. Matt says:

    First of all, I just found this site and I think it’s awesome. I have played WoW for almost 5 years now. I started playing back when I was in highschool. I was captain of my basketball team, I sang in the school choir. And i was a hung gamer and was proud of it. I even had all of my best friends who were all jocks start playing as well. You find that when you have wow in common with even people you normally don’t talk to, it opens new doors for new friendships. The people that make fun of us WoW players are the ones who don’t understand. I even told my girlfriend that i play and she is actually about to start playing with my friends and I. So no I dont think i get teased. Like the guy above, I’m 6′6 and 220 so ya… i don’t think so. But like some one said I were wear by “geek badge” with pride.

  18. Back when I started playing WoW it wasn’t all that famous and noone died while playing the game yet so… things were fine.

    But when the media picked up the topic (addiction and stuff…) you sometimes get responses like “WoW… OOOOh the game that makes you play all the time, lose your job, abbandon your friends and robs you of all your life-time?!”

    And of course there are guys like in the OP vid that work on our reputation ;)

  19. The Necromancer says:

    Why does everyone have to reference the South Park episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft” when they make fun of people who play Wow…….


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