The Best Of The Rest: Favicon Edition

I did a jig of joy this morning as I awoke to an email from my team of Norwegian designer monkeys containing a lovely favicon for my blog. At last, I no longer need to deal with the shame of lacking a tiny browser icon for my site! Take that Internet!

Of course, it’s also that time of the week again when I whip open my RSS reader and randomly pick articles with my eyes closed. Erm, I mean handpick a selection of the finest blog posts from around the globe within the last seven days.

P.S. Thanks again to Espen for his hard work on the favicon. Looks great!

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  1. Who is this upstart “General Dental Council”? Everyone know it’s a Man’s Life in the British Dental Association.

  2. scrusi says:

    Of all the great posts available, hell, out of all the great posts by Brian, you pick the three-liner without content? ^^

  3. Dustin Moore says:

    Yay I make the cut one week. I knew there was something suspicious about my traffic stats LOL. It’s true though, I have never had to force myself to blog before.

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