LotRO Welcome Back Week

Welcome back weeks are always a great way to tempt old players back to long forgotten MMORPGs and yesterday I received an email from Codemasters offering me a free 7 days of Lord of the Rings Online starting Monday 8th March. Top it off, they’re also advertising a discounted 3 month subscription for only £17.97/€25.38 which isn’t a bad deal at all (although I can’t help but wonder why the Euro rate is the equivalent of £22.50 – Codemasters must be trying to exploit Jimmy Foreigner). As far as I’m aware, this offer is for the European LotRO only.

My mild mannered middle aged avatars always scare the crap out of enemies

My mild mannered middle aged avatars always scare the crap out of enemies

I was kinda tempted. For a moment. But I’ve decided again it and I don’t think I’ll be embarking to the land of Middle Earth any time soon. It’s a shame, I know. My big problem is time and I just never seem to have enough of it these days to squeeze in all of the gaming, blogging and wife-lovin’ that is required. Right now, I’m happy enough patronising my brother in World of Warcraft and fantasizing about returning to EVE Online. Plus, no matter how much I try, no matter how much I know that it’s a good game, I can’t help but find LotRO quite, well, dull.

That’s the problem with games based around strong IPs. It’s great for getting you hyped about a game and it’s great for providing you with a familiar setting but ultimately there’s only so many movies, books, comics, video games, action figures and decorated underwear that you can consume before you eventually become sick of the entire thing. If anything, I think that’s going to be LotRO Achilles’ heel.

So don’t expect to see Cromwell the Wonderful romping around Gondor anytime soon.

P.S. Dark Age of Camelot Europe is also offering a free trial until the 25th March to celebrate the game’s liberation from the evil hands of GOA. The game is now operated by EA-Mythic themselves meaning we should see up-to-date patches and proper customer support. Not that I ever had anything against GOA and their astounding incompetence.

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  1. Longasc says:

    I dunno, but if you have not seen Moria and the Mirkwood yet, there is a LOT of stuff you can do and explore in LOTRO. I on the other hand wait for something a bit more substantial that the book update that basically allows soloing of all book quests – I have seen Moria and the Mirkwood and it was awesome. Just ask Spinks, it is really awesome.

    I hope for a full expansion in 2010. Otherwise it is a truly MMO-less year for me. Depending on how long I will continue playing STO.

    WoW won’t make me return with Cataclysm – my buddies Steve and Andre would probably even pay me the faction-bender and server-transfer and all that, but only Steve is playing at the moment and I am honestly bored to death by WoW’s core design. I would rather like some more of the LOTR world. It takes a strong IP to entice me to old-fashioned MMO systems.

    Guess I will have to play Mass Effect 2 and other singleplayer RPGs till Guild Wars 2 and SWTOR come along in 2011.

  2. scrusi says:

    I checked for some kind of welcome back trial for LotRO about a week ago, to no avail. Now they sent me this email and I was halfway through a reinstall (read: I found my DVD) until I realized that it is the week from March 8th. Guess which week I’m away for some skiing.

    I suppose the guys at Codemasters really don’t want me to try out their game again. Surely this can’t be a coincidence, right?

  3. Carson63000 says:

    Now would be an awesome time for them to offer me a welcome-back week on the US LOTRO. I’d be all over checking out the changes to volume I of the epic questline, that could definitely lure me into resubscribing for a while if it’s good.

  4. Andrew M says:

    I’ve been having a low level urge to play LOTRO again that was fighting its way to the surface, fired by Syp’s blog, and then – lo and behold – welcome back week.

    Well played, Codemasters, well played.

  5. Dustin Moore says:

    Well I have played both DAoC and LOTRO. I’m not sure if the UK edition of DAoC was different or operated by different entities but I haven’t played in about 7 years. It was always operated by Mythic as long as I’ve known here in the U.S. I think to this day it was still my favorite PvP system, the 3 realms… awesome.

    As for LOTRO I’ve played that a little more recently. It took me 1 month exactly to get to level 53 back in December/January, after that I didn’t renew my sub. I got introduced to legendary weapons and the start of Moria, I personally loved it. Between questing and crafting there weren’t many times I wasn’t doing something or felt bored. As some of you know it’s notorious for it’s relaxed and mature community, something I enjoy in my online gaming experience.

    • Gordon says:

      I played DAOC back in 2003 or something and it was a great game but it was let down by the European distributers, GOA. It took months for new patches from the US to get applied and the server population was awful. I really wanted to play on the US servers but couldn’t with my UK copy. Silly.

  6. Sark says:

    i’ve just recently quit lotro (well i have a lifetime sub, so technically i cant quit) for WoW. lotro is a great game, no doubt about it, but its very, very casual. there is one endgame raid instance for 12 players and thats it. the two 3man and one 6man instances for lvl 65 get boring pretty soon and apart from that… there isnt really much to do when you play in every day for an hour or two. once i got into mirkwood with my third character i literally hit the wall and realized it wasnt fun doing the same quests in the same area on yet another char…

    • Gordon says:

      I think having a lifetime sub to LOTOR is a good idea because it definitely seems like the type of game one would keep coming back to. I kinda wish someone would get me a lifetime sub as a present. It’s not something I think I would pay for myself but it would be a nice thing to have as a gift.

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