Battlestar Galactica Online

A few days ago the news broke that Bigpoint, a German developer, will be launching a Battlestar Galactica MMO later on in the year. My immediate thoughts were that they were talking about a full blown sci-fi MMO like EVE or Jumpgate Evolution but it turns out it’s just a free-2-player browser based game.

Nothing I can say can be as funny as this photo

Nothing I can say can be as funny as this photo

I say just as if I’m sneering and, well, I probably am (I’m a MMORPG snob after all) because honestly I was expecting the usual Triple-A endorsement followed by months of hype, months of delays and then months of players realising the game hasn’t held up to their expectations and that it was actually rushed out the door like a pig in a tarted up prom dress. Yeah, I have no idea what that means either but I’m sure the imagery gives you the gist of my sentiments.

Upon further reflection though I think a browser based BSG game might actually be for the best. Let’s not forget Quake Live is browser based and it’s pure excellence in a Java app so there’s really no reason to dismiss this one before we’re played it. Plus, as much as I like the TV show, I’m not sure the Battlestar Galactica IP really has enough depth to stand up as a proper MMORPG. The story is pretty limited, there isn’t much room for exploration and most of the drama comes from tension rather than action.

I am skeptical about the whole “MMO” claims though and I imagine the game will turn out to be a fun little browser shooter that lets you compete in tournaments against a few other folk at the same time. No doubt Bigpoint are yielding the MMO acronym in its broadest sense and I’ll be utterly flabberghasted if we end up seeing a game that lets player compete and interact with thousands of other players in the same environment. In fact, if I had a hat, I’d promise to eat it.

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  1. Akely says:

    I can only agree. I think any non-Triple-A attempt at any IP that’s worth a damn is doing that IP a disservice. I fear this might be the case here.

  2. Longasc says:

    I bet it will be the game “Dark Orbit” with BSG sprites.

  3. Scopique says:

    I disagree that the IP “lacks depth”…depth for an MMO yes, but only because the series was about PEOPLE…not blowing things up. Yes, there were explosions, but they comprised little screen time, and were usually the result of several episodes worth of planning. Even the soldier combat was scarce between seasons 1 and 4.

    In my mind any worthwhile BSG game would be more like Heavy Rain then anything else. Thinking that the IP is about pew pew with spaceships is really, really missing the point of what made the series so good.

    • Gordon says:

      Agreed. I’ll happily qualify my statement to say “lacks depth for a MMO”. I mean that in the sense of lacking variety of locations, PvE, classes, races, quests etc, all of the traditional MMORPG stuff. A Heavy Rain type game would be perfectly suited for BSG.

  4. Marchosias says:

    Well the original series had a lot more action than the new one, and actually a pretty convoluted back-story that was somewhat different than the latest offering. (It was originally based on the Adam & Eve creation story, among other biblical and various religious mythologies set in a sci-fi universe).

    I’m waiting for Sci-Fi Armeggedon, with a bunch of misc. IP’s mixing it up: Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon5, Battlestar, Aliens vs. Predator, etc. Mega-Mashup with Megatron too! LOL

  5. Let me tease you a bit. I just started a contract with Bigpoint’s new offices in the U.S. I’m not working on Battlestar Galactica Online, though. And, no, their new games are not re-skinned DarkOrbit. Bigpoint is using the Unity engine, which is a fully capable 3D engine.

    Not going to say much more for fear of violating my NDA. Sadly, I like getting paid.

  6. Randy says:

    I think this game has a good chance to do okay considering that they have the big boys behind them and a well established IP to boot. Here’s the original PR to the story

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