How Do I Make Money In EVE Online?

I’ve been having a spot of bother making money in EVE Online and was hoping to get some tips from veterans to help me out. Although I was subscribed to the game for a while last year and recently resubscribed a couple of weeks ago, I still consider myself a big old EVE nooby noob. It’s not a game I’m currently pumping huge hours into as I just don’t have the time right now but I do enjoy dabbling around with it on my weekends and slowly sowing the seeds of my galactic empire /strokes moustache maniacally.

Although I know it can be lucrative, I’m not a big fan of mining or general commodities trading so they’ve not been options I’ve explored much. I far prefer to blast things into tiny bits of space shrapnel which is why I’ve been mainly focusing on running missions and salvaging with my Cormorant. However, the cash is pretty poor. For each T1 mission I’m maybe getting around 100-500k ISK and that seems pretty low (I remember getting more from selling salvaged items last year). I’m assuming T2+ missions will give me more money so right now I’m trying to get enough cash together to buy and fit a Gallente Cruiser. Now I could just keep grinding away until I get enough cash but surely there must be an easier way?

Tipa and a few others suggested ninja salvaging as a tactic when I asked on Twitter and it’s sorely tempting although it would require me temporarily halting skill development on my main and skilling up and equipping an alt. As I was wisely advised, it’s apparently not a good idea to ninja salvage with any character you want to maintain a reasonable reputation for.

So if anyone has any words of wisdom or sagely advice about earning a buck or profiteering then I’d love to hear them. I don’t need to become a mega-zillionaire, just having a reasonable cash flow to kick start me into PvP and some more serious combat would be nice.

Of course, I could just buy PLEX and sell them for a small fortune to get me going but somehow that doesn’t seem as fulfilling to me as earning the cash myself in-game.


P.S. Is there a Gevlon blog equivalent for EVE Online? Preferably without the right wing craziness ;)

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  1. Thorvik says:

    I’ve had the same problem and my toon is 1.5 yrs old. I admit though that I make considerably more than that due to the fact that I live out in 0.0. A single BS rat can bring in 750K to 1.6M ISK. One hour of ratting nets me approx10M ISK in bounties and then I salvage and reprocess/sell loot which I don’t track but that nets me that and more.
    I’ve recently started doing more market type stuff additional to getting my Research skills up. The idea is to have several semi-passive income sources that trickle in ISK so that I don’t need to look for the big payouts. The market skills have come in handy as I had 6M ISK this AM and currently have 32M (according to EVEMon).

  2. Longasc says:

    I waited for server up and straight went to 3-4 complexes where the “Overseer” had a chance to drop Succubus blueprints. These sold nicely. The loot from higher level missions should also be sufficient.

  3. Stabs says:


    Work up to level 2s then 3s.

    You can salvage your own missions which will help with cash a lot. Learn to fit a destroyer with 4 Salvager Is, 4 Tractor Beams, Cold-gas Afterburner, cheap named cap rechargers, cap power relays/expanded cargo 2s and small capacitor control circuits.

    This is priority.

    Use the industrial from the tutorial to fly all of your loot to Jita once per week (you can afk autopilot reasonably safely as long as your autopilot is set to safest route). Sell it on 1 week sell orders for .01 isk under the cheapest seller. You may need to get Trade 3 and Retail 3. You can make an alt on the same account, train trade 3 and retail 3 very quickly and use that as your seller.

    No need to do market pvp, just make sure you are lowballing Jita rather than being ripped off where you mission.

    I don’t recommend ninja salvaging. It’s a technique for bored vets more than a really good method for new people.

    Ratting is for people in 0,0 or low sec, not a better isk maker than missions.

    The key is to get your combat effectiveness up quickly. Train relevant Engineering, Electronics, Drone and Navigation skills to about 3 then remap Per/Wil and really push Guns (Missiles if Caldari) and Cruiser > Battlecruiser. Try to train evenly, ie get most skills to 3 before you train one to 4.

    Run 2s in your cruiser while building reasonable gun skills before you hop in a Battlecruiser for level 3s.

    It will take time and there’s not much getting around that. Once you can run level 3 missions safely you will start to feel pretty comfortably off.

  4. What Stabs said. Missions in high sec are easiest and safest. Level four missions run in a battleship can make around 10-20 million ISK per hour.

  5. Nelson says:

    Missions in high sec do pay well at the high end, but are boring. If you just want to blast rats get out in 0.0 and collect bounties and loot. Or wormholes. But both require infrastructure and friends to work.

    The way I used to make money was high end courier stuff through 0.0. Bringing implants from empire, bringing minerals back into empire. You can do that solo, but it takes research and courage. May not be so easy anymore now that there’s so many ways to jump across space.

    Two blogs you might like:

  6. JC says:

    If you choose to go the mission route, be sure to find the best quality level 4 agent you can — yes, this means some research. Level 4 Quality 18 is the highest I can find in hi sec. Further, you want it to be in a 0.5 security system, and try to have it be surrounded by hisec. The lower the sec status, the higher the payout.

    IIRC, you said you’re in Caldari space? Give the Corporate Police Force a look see.

    Don’t forget to train your social skills up too. They increase your payouts and the amount of LP you get from a mission, and LP’s can be extremely valuable, either in reducing the cost of the faction items you buy, or in enabling you to sell said faction items for a nice profit. FWIW, I can get just under 8000 LP’s per mission, though the average is probably closer to 6000 overall. Still… when most people I talk to are getting 2500-3000 due to using either crappy agents or being in too high a sec status system and not having their social skills trained….. And social doesn’t take long. I’ve got every type of combat agent’s affecting skills all to level 4, and it’s only 521,000 SP — took less than 2 weeks to train it all.

    And of course, I hinted at this earlier — learn which missions give the highest payout in the least time and only do them, declining the rest (though be careful how you do this since there is a faction standing hit if you decline too often). And then from there you need to decide if you’ll just blitz them for the payout + LP, or if you’ll go back and salvage them. FWIW, I tend to salvage in Caldari and Minmatar space, but Gallente usually isn’t worth the time. I haven’t ever missioned in Amarr space, so I don’t know how that will be, but assuming primary targets being Blood Raiders and Sanshas… should be worth it.

    Beyond that — research is okay-ish as a passive income thing. You can double your income from it with a mission a day, but even if you don’t, you can still get 30-50 million a month from it for the cost of a little training. And of course working standings up with the appropriate corp. These corps tend to offer industrial/trade/courier type missions, though the Roden Shipyards has a nice combat wing (and an L4Q18 Command agent in a 0.5 system sharing a station with a L2 research agent and a mere 5 jumps from a L4 research agent. . . .).

    And of course in the next expansion, Planetary Interaction is coming. I’m sure hisec won’t be all that profitable since it’s jammed with people, but it will still be something.

  7. Rhii says:

    My brother the EVEhead suggests sticking with missions and ratting.

    I don’t know what those mean, really… but there it is. :P

    Good luck in your financial endeavors.

  8. I would suggest either learning to trade or doing complexes, Agent mission running can also be real good for making some ISK it depends on how long you have been playing I guess.

    • Stabs says:

      Whatever you do don’t buy black market isk. CCP are very hot on this and may well catch you. People who get caught usually have their isk balance set substantially into the negative, for many they have decided to stop playing after.

      • Gordon says:

        Yeah, I’ve been reading up about it all when I was researching PLEX. Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be much need for going blackmarket when there’s a legit way to do it (other than saving a few pennies that is). Kudos to CCP for dealing with gold sellers in an effective and well thought out manner.

  9. Noizy says:

    Look up data core mining, which involves R&D agents. You just let the agent keep researching for you and pick up the data cores at your leisure. That will help if you can’t log in often. I haven’t done it, but I’m a few days away from having the skills to try it myself.

  10. A couple of my corp were banned for buying ISK, Its just not worth all the time and effort spent making a good character on eve. Doing things legit or learning how to do them well is the best way to make a steady amount of ISK

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