WoW PvP: A Story Of Three Classes

Although I’ve yet to hit level 80 with any of my characters in World of Warcraft (one day soon, I promise) and thus things may change when I do and encounter the Übermensch that awaits, I’ve been enjoying the sanitised PvP of Battlegrounds tremendously. In fact, aside from power-leveling my brother, the Esquire of Noob Town, it’s where I can be found spending most of my hours these days.

I’ve been leveling up three characters almost completely through Battlegrounds and here are my thoughts.


Ah that old cunning AFK trick. Deadly.

Ah that old cunning AFK trick. Deadly in the hands of a master.

I’m regretting spending everything I had on dual speccing my Warrior at level 40 for the sole purpose of PvP. I’ve been leveling him up as Protection and, after blowing 1k to get an Arms spec for player vs player combat, I discovered that I much prefer Prot for Battlegrounds too. Doh. Oh well, at least I have a spare tree for trying that out new Unrelenting Assault tanking spec I’ve heard so much about.

I think the reason I enjoy Warrior Prot PvP so much is because it fits right in with my preferred style of play: charge into the thick of things and try to inflict as much damage as I can before I eventually get taken down (something about the glory of being a martyr really appeals to me… boy, I hope my psychiatrist isn’t reading this). Protection not only gives me that necessary survivability but it also gives a lot more control abilities like silence on my Shield Bash and stuns on Concussion Blow and Shockwave plus I don’t need to worry too much about stance dancing, a tactic which is far too subtle for the likes of me. Overall, the Warrior is my perfect match.


My Priest is an old character I’ve had since the start of last year and used to PvP constantly with when he was leveling up. Now well on his way to level 60, I’ve dusted him off for some further Battleground romping and it’s proving to be jolly good fun again. I have two equally potent PvP specs, one Shadow and one Discipline, each offering a very different playstyle. I find Discipline is better for when I’m in the lower level range of a BG as I can just follow the pack around, bubbling and healing everyone constantly and occasionally throwing out the odd DoT to rake in a massive amount of honour.

For a class that appeals so little to me in PvE, I find the Priest surprisingly fun in PvP, a good counter-balance to the melee intensive Warrior and one that has plenty of style and originality. Perhaps I was an exorcist in a previous life because I can’t help but get a thrill out of roleplaying a bible-bashing nut-job, out to cleanse the face of Alterac Valley.


Oh God, I detest Mage PvP, I really do. Maybe things will improve once I get into the higher levels but right now, at level 50, it’s utterly appalling and I can completely appreciate why Mages have a reputation for being the worst class at PvP in the game. My entire experience with the class has been hit and miss as I love the AoE insanity of dungeons (and flaunting DPS meter results in my friend’s faces) yet hate the snooze-fest that is Frostbolt-Frostbolt-Frostbolt solo PvE.

I was expecting good things in PvP from the Mage but unfortunately it has not delivered as I die tremendously quickly and have trouble putting out any decent damage. Of course, the class doesn’t lend itself to my “rush into the centre of the mayhem” playstyle so maybe that’s where I’m going wrong. I’ll give PvP another shot again once I’ve gained a few levels but, until then, I’ll be sticking to dungeon groups and cracking other Mage’s skulls with my Warrior.

Finding The Balance

If this triple-PvP experience has really taught me anything it’s how much better suited to PvP some of the class are than other and also, in most regards, how much Blizzard strive to try and perform the delicate act of keeping them all in balance for both PvE and PvP, a task which seems contradictory to me and almost impossible. I do wonder if they would be better off doing what SOE did in EQ2 and implement completely separate functionality for spells and abilities depending on the situation they are used it. It would make the devs job a whole lot easier and allow every class to gain a more even footing in both situations.


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  1. TK says:

    My 2 80’s are a priest and a druid. I have done some light PVP on both, Disc/Shadow and Moonkin/Tree. I find I enjoy the healing specs alot more in PVP than I do in PVE. What sever are you on? I have a group of 3 others that all reactivated and rolled alliance toons a new (to us) server since we were so tired of leveling Horde toons. We are planning on leveling through DF, simliar to The Ancient Gaming Noob. Not sure if you would be interested in joining us, or if our times would even match up since we are all US players.

  2. jomu says:

    heh; we’re the same in regards to the Warrior; i played the blackguard in warhammer online and loved how the more i got hit, the more rage built up so i could use more aoes :)

    • Gordon says:

      I played a Black Orc in WAR and enjoyed the class quite a lot. They were a little vanilla but I loved being a mean scary Orc and hitting things in the face :) I tried a Choppa briefly too when they came out and liked the fact that they grew when enraged.

  3. Esquire of Noob Town says:

    You should put up a post of the “exploits of the three amigos” and put that fantastic screen grap up too. You know the one you took just after we slayed that massive dinosaur.

  4. PVP Legion says:

    PVP is a ton of fun. Get the right group of people together for premades and world PVP and it’s like a whole other game.

  5. MMOPVP says:

    No doubt, some classes are just not built the same for PvP, let alone when you factor in talents and gear…but hopefully with Cataclysm coming out soon things will get better.

    @PVP Legion: I’d love to do world PvP…it either just doesn’t occur much on my server or I’m missing it. What are the objectives and/or best targets to hit?

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about meta_keyword. Regards|

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