WoW To Offer Paid Class Change

Blizzard just announced that they’ll be offering paid class changes for World of Warcraft within the next 3 months. The pricing structure has yet to be confirmed but they speculate that it will be around $60 to change class within your current faction and $80 to change class and switch faction. Class changes includes free character re-customization, gender swap and name change if desired. There are a few restrictions in place as well and it’s worth noting that you cannot access the service until you have at least one level 80 character on your account and you cannot change from a Death Knight to another class (presumably to stop people from churning out pre-made level 55 characters of any class).

The pricing is a little steep for my taste but it’s understandable considering what the option grants the player. This is the ultimate step towards freedom and flexibility but, as some might say, at the price of sacrificing our connections to our characters. Has Blizzard gone too far?


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  1. scrusi says:

    The sad part is that I could really see this happen. I don’t think they would shut down DKs though – I have no doubt that they wouldn’t mind players buying lvl 55 chars for USD 60 ;)

  2. Samhayne says:

    Ya, lol, I’m with Scrusi. I could totally see them offering paid class changes in the future. Perhaps as the game slides off it’s pedestal with old age and the higher ups at Activision seek new ways to mine themselves some WoW gold.

  3. ModemMisuser says:

    They make a TON of the other “change” services; I could see them actually offering it – especially with the restrictions mentioned. :D

  4. boatorious says:

    I thought it was funny that Blizzard was doing the thing I always thought the unspoken punchline of their character customization.

    The I remembered it was April 1st. Man, I hate today.

  5. Nathan Hawks says:

    Nice, but what I wanna know is… where’s Blizz’s REAL gem for the year?

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  7. Cupp221 says:

    I heard that Blizzard was allowing Paid Imports of characters from other MMO’s into WoW. Want your LOTRO minstrel to parade around Dalaran, singing merry tunes about slaying the Lich King? $75.

  8. EAtmyshorts says:

    Hey nice joke,
    I read this on may 2, and got really excited nice joke till now i read the date on it. And yeah im sick of my fury warr and would love to make it a Rogue.

  9. Katiliana says:

    it will probably come out in cata. i want to change my priest to something else i am thinking mage or warlock or another cloth person

  10. Bri says:

    I could see them offering class changes to high level Death Knights. I’de gladly do it, I dislike the Cata Death Knight changes but I do not want to restart as my DK has tons of achievements.

  11. Mark says:

    Blizzard are really pushing their luck with money. They are getting so greedy, i mean buying all the expansions now there is 3 of them, and the end content of BC and WotLK is obsolete now! My GF also plays wow, we had to buy the expansions again! 20eur for a (crappy) mount, 10eur for a pet. How the hell do they justify 20eur for a race change when we already pay 80+eur for the game plus 13eur a month PER account.

    The salt in the wound is the unbelievably dire customer service they provide. Any chance of a worldwide WoW strike? Lets teach this multi million industry where the line is.

  12. Matt says:

    So no one has noticed that this is dated April 1 and is actually and April fool’s gag.

  13. Whan says:

    WHAT!!! no I’m so sick of my death knight I really want to be another class I pray they figure something out at least give me 1 dk change and i’ll be happy

  14. MLN says:

    OMFG! i wanna change my lvl 85dk, for christ sake, why cant they enable dk class change :(

  15. sadface guy says:

    Me: FINALLY! I knew they’d come to thi- April First. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  16. Awesome dk says:


  17. Levitikon says:

    It’s been more than three months since this was posted in April of 2010, and I’m not seeing any more news regarding this here or in Google land. Where did you say Blizzard announced this?

  18. Me says:

    is this like if i wanted to change like an 80 mage to an 80 dk would it work and is it legal with blizzard?

  19. Genda says:

    This post is a gift that keeps on giving. :D

  20. Mikeal says:

    If your Dk is 85 you should be allowed to class change it . Or atleaste class change 1 Dk only . EVER

    Also if not .. guess im changeing my 58 hunter to a shaman… -_-

  21. SimonSays says:

    FUCK BLiZZARD THEY MAKES LIKE 300MIlls WHY u No CHange@ The DK I@#@>??2311

  22. Tygrlilie says:

    $60-$80 is way too expensive for my taste as well and it sucks that you have to have at least one level 80 player on your account to even consider a class change. My highest player is only a level 44 Night Elf Rogue. In ways I like this player but sometimes wish I could make this player a Hunter or a Druid. Blizzard should make a rule that they will change a persons class for free but only once while the person has the account.

  23. Joshua says:

    Haha, how many more suckers are going to comment on this and wonder why they can’t class change!

    I found this on a Google search and at least read through the comments to see what was going on. Fools still think this is coming!!!

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