The Best Of The Rest: Easter Sunday Edition

Ah, Easter Sunday, the perfect excuse for lazing around with la familia and stuffing yourself silly with chocolate eggs. Or, if you’re me, trying to explain the connection between giant bunnies and Jesus Christ to my Buddhist wife.

This week also saw April Fools’ Day rear its Pinocchio’s nosed head. It’s a great day and a lot of fun so long as you don’t want to trust anything you read on the Internet. I, for one, just assumed everything within that 24 hour period was untrue as every blogger, including myself, took it upon themselves to lie their arses off. Jolly good fun, in my opinion.

So many excellent articles this week to pick from I feel like I’m barely doing the MMO blogosphere justice with this small list. Have I missed something? Why not let me know.

Happy Easter all!


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