The Best Of The Rest: Smack The Pony Edition

Y’know what I really love about blogging and in particular the MMORPG blogosphere? Just when you think the week is turning out pretty dull and there isn’t going to be any exciting news, some company goes and adds a new product to their virtual store and unleashes a subsequent barrage of ultimate nerdrage and debate in the process. Like a flower starting to blossom for the first time, it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

I’m always on the look out for new blogs to add to my RSS reader (usually MMO related but I’m open to anything geeky) so if you have anything to recommend, please throw it my way. Likewise if you have a blog and would like to be listed on my blogroll (and aren’t already) just let me know. It’s now moved into my fab new chunky footer as part of some ongoing design changes I’m slowly rolling out.


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  1. River says:

    Thanks for the link love.

  2. Psynister says:

    Interesting that I only found you’d linked to me because someone had clicked on it. It doesn’t usually work that way.

    Thanks for the link, Gordon. It looks like there’s a lot of people bouncing back and forth between us right now. Much appreciated!

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