Thinking Of Going Back To WAR

Yes, I once met a Goblin called Gordon. And no, it's not funny.

Yes, I once met a Goblin called Gordon. And no, it's not funny.

Before you say anything, I’ll just clarify that I’m not actually an old army veteran suffering withdrawal symptoms, currently considering re-enlisting so I can get back into the action, sate my never ending bloodlust and bring an end to the terrifying dreams that torment my mind every night. No, I am in fact talking about the MMORPG, Warhammer Online.

I played WAR back in September 2008, just after it came out, for about five or six weeks. It was fun but flawed and ultimately failed to hold my attention even though I’ve always liked the idea of RvR. Lately though, I’ve been thinking about giving it another shot.

I’ve been a big fan of PvP ever since I started on the Darathar server in Everquest 2 and since then it’s become a staple sideline activity in any MMO I play. I’ve enjoyed PvP in World of Warcraft a lot but recently it’s started to bore me a little as it’s becoming very repetitive. There’s only so many times you can do Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basin before you go utterly mad plus there seems little point to it all other than accruing enough honour to pick up some nice looking gear. I haven’t given up on WoW, not by any means, but I just fancy a change and also it would be nice to see how far WAR has progressed since I last played.

My biggest issues with WAR when I played it were the fact that very few people seemed to engage in RvR and everyone stuck to the scenarios as it was the quickest way to level up. To me, that was very dull and defeated the point of the entire game. The PvE side to WAR was also incredibly boring and unimaginative, the whole world feeling like one giant arcade game or glorified chat room with unconnected zones rather than a vibrant, living, breathing world. Finally, and maybe most frustrating of all, was the fact that the attacks and abilities seemed very unresponsive and delayed.

How does WAR fair now? I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and know that Mythic have spent a vast amount of effort trying to get it back on track and attract players. Honestly I’m a little surprised that they haven’t brought out an expansion yet but then that’s maybe a good sign that they’re putting their resources into the core gameplay and mechanics first.

I suppose I should just go for it, create a new account and download the free endless trial, there’s really no reason not to. Then again I guess my hesitation is a telling sign. What should I do?

-Sergeant Gordon

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  1. Carthalis says:

    I was thinking of recently taking another look at Age of Conan as that seems to be going through a revamp with an expansion pack being released in May. I blame the email I got from them that kind of got me intrigued in seeing what it looks like now as compared to when it was first released. Still haven’t made my mind up yet. There just isn’t enough time in the day to play everything.

  2. Magson says:

    I just got a new pc that would be better able to run WAR, so I may dl the trial again and see if it strikes my fancy any better without the constant crashing. Thx for reminding me!

  3. Bootae says:

    WAR has moved on leaps and bounds since launch, with dramatic improvements over the last 6 months or so (Bioware influence?). A friend of mine that also restarted recently was saying it was like playing a completely different game from the one he quit shortly after launch.

    Patch 1.3.5 will arrive soon (it’s on the PTS now) and changes the city siege end game completely, changes that “look” like it will be what WAR should have had from the start.

    Scenarios are still very popular, particularly because of the last patch bringing in scenario related new items, but oRvR is picking up quite a lot again and will only increase once the patch arrives (couple of weeks I think). This is from the EU servers anyway.

    Population wise, I don’t know about the US servers, but the EU ones are both very busy and it appears to be increasing as waves of players activate after the trial periods. Whilst leveling alts I’ve noticed what seems like a big increase in activity in tiers 2 and 3. Tier 4 is busy as always on Karak-Norn.

    Give it a go mate, at worst you’ll have a laugh smushing a few faces.

  4. Server: Iron Something-or-other. Faction: Order. Character: Lessers (Warrior Priest)

    You, me, PvP fun? Or is WAR separated into UK servers, too?

    I restarted my account the other day, and it’s been fun, the little time I’ve been able to throw at it. My old account had a 10-day trial, so I’m giving it a go instead of the Endless. If I don’t keep it, then I’ll start an Endless one to screw around with.

    My biggest complaint about WAR is that I can’t find anyone to play it with. I really like the PvP in it (better than WoW’s, that’s for sure), but no one I knows will stick with it because it’s not what they know. i had one friend who played with me at release, and it was a blast. I just need a crew, I think. Minions. Lackies.

    or friends. Friends work, too.

    • Gordon says:

      It’s all on separate servers :( I suppose I could sign up to the US trial version (I’m assuming it doesn’t check location) but I’m not sure how bad the lag would be. Also do I need to buy a boxed copy if I want to upgrade to the full version? I’m also guessing that it’s best to RvR during peak times and I would be playing in the middle of the afternoon on the US servers :(

  5. Grimfire says:

    I just recently came back to WAR myself and have been enjoying it immensely. I played through endgame but eventually got frustrated and left.

    However, I messed around with the free trial andhad a blast. So I started a squig herder and am about to enter t4. I’ve spent absolutely no time in pve andhave simply leveled through open rvr and scenario play. The game is much more responsive and runs smoother.

    Skip pve altogether and enjoy it for what it is-a great RvR game. The most populated US server is badlands.

    Good luck.

  6. I think given the amount of time since you last played. You will experience a completely different game. It runs a lot sweeter than it did, which isn’t hard, but it will make you pleasantly surprised.

    A lot badges/crests to acquire and if you level via ORvR/Scenario’s you don’t ever have to experience PvE if that’s not your wish. The map is more informative, which is good.

    As bootae says, 1.3.5 will change City Seiges, so if you are in a position to experience the old city seiges, then you will need to be quick, since they’re not going to be around for much longer (YES YES YES !!!). Not sorry to see them go.

    I can’t tell you about T4, since I haven’t been there for quite a while, due to leveling a BW up via ORvR.

    As a game it’s going in the right direction, but as a warhammer blogger I would say that.

  7. amcl says:

    Should I become a newbie again and try it out? It’s available for Mac :)

  8. openedge1 says:

    I was a WAR hater…now, I am a lover.

    Scenarios are still quite popular, so it is hard to resist entering them. But, luckily, ORvR is going on a regular basis during prime time (at least on NA servers), and you can jump back and forth between them.
    My family is also a PvE family, and we rather enjoy the PQ’s and questing…but, it is all due to the combat being fast and of course being in our set group alleviates grind.

    As long as you can get into a guild, I think that helps matters even more.

    The game has really come a long way, and believe me…I am a tough nut to crack (still hate LOTRO after all these years, and will never go back to WoW as it is too boring to me)…so, if a old grumpy gamer like me has found some fun here…you should be able to as well.

    • Gordon says:

      The PvE in WAR wasn’t something I enjoyed but then I don’t think it should be the focus of the game as it’s primarily a PvP/RvR experience. I’m gald to hear that it’s come a long way… getting excited about trying it now.

  9. Elleseven says:

    What a difference from the first time I played so long ago. I’m fooling with the free atm but I can see myself upgrading if it continues on this path. I am so impressed at the tutorial system. They did such a nice job on it. My only gripe is the limited character customization but that is a very superficial complaint.

  10. jomu says:

    i’m back into warhammer myself, just a few days into it.
    check my entry

    its great; having alot of fun; bigger emphasis on orvr (due to the influence rewards from it), though sc’s still has importance as there are special rewards via emblems for renown weapons
    kind of depends on the time of day, whether sc’s are popping more than the population of orvr

  11. Triggery says:

    Hey Gordon, great to see you giving WAR another shot. After leaving the game myself after 4-5 months from launch I can say myself that it is much improved and still good fun!

    Also just wondering what side (order or destruction) you plan on playing on which server. Most people I know on the european servers have destruction on the one english server, with order on the other.

    Either way hope you enjoy WAR again, even if it is only on a trial account… for now :D

    • Gordon says:

      I haven’t decided on what side yet… as you said, I’ve rolled both an Order KotBS and a Destruction Black Ork :) I’ll probably play both for a few levels and then settle on one as my main. I think I’m Destruction on Karak Norn and Order on Karak Azgal but I’ll need to double check that.

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