Damage Meters Corrupt; Absolute Damage Meters Corrupt Absolutely

One day there will be no graphics, there will only be charts

One day there will be no graphics, there will only be charts

As part of my guest post inspiration quest, Adam from the Noisy Rogue asked me for my take on how damage meters are used to evaluate DPS classes in WoW. As it was a topic I’d actually had some experience with personally not so long ago, I was pretty thrilled to get the chance to write something up for him.

Oddly enough, my issues weren’t that I was subject to abuse or negativity from other players, but rather it was myself who had been sucked in by the lure of those dreaded DPS charts and corrupted by their number crunching. Having never had any interest in topping charts before, or even how my fellow players performed, I went through a period of becoming increasingly obsessed by it all as I was leveling up my Mage alt. It all went from being a bit of harmless fun to me actually using it as a tool to rate group members and I found myself getting increasing irritated by anyone who I deemed to be underperforming. It wasn’t much fun at all and really diminished the spirit of the game.

Of course now I’m free of the shackles of that maths porn and I’ve been completely clean for weeks. Instead, I’ve found a way to satisfy my inner stats geek by number crunching in Google Analytics. God, that’s such a sexy piece of software.

You can read my guest post about damage meters over on the Noisy Rogue here and, whilst you’re at it, have a poke round the site. Adam’s got some great articles up there.


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  1. Klepsacovic says:

    Oh my god, top five poster in the last 30 days! I gotta up my postage, I can do this. Must top arbitrary measurement…

  2. Scarybooster says:

    I know how you feel. I was required to gave a dos meter on my rogue for raiding. I hated the thing, but then I started logging on to see how high I could get on the practice dummy. I felt stupid hitting a dummy

  3. I tend to hate me some damage meters. I can see how they are useful. I can academically appreciate them; however, I always have to consider leaving a PuG when someone links them during trash. I prefer my teammates to be focused on the game and working well with others not getting the high score and winning the game.

    No offense, Gordon. But you’re reformed now, so it’s okay. ;)

  4. Adam says:

    Thanks for writing the article and for the shout out, Gordon. And personally, I hold you in great esteem for managing to find an addiction within an addiction, but then beating the addiction but still having the addiction …


  5. D.B. says:

    Great insight as to what having a damage meter can do to you as a player. With Recount, I’ve experienced basically the same things you did, and also found myself obsessing as to how I can improve my numbers (still do). Damage meters can be useful with improving how a person plays; but they can lure the ugly competitive side out of players, and as you say, take some of the fun out of the game.

  6. amcl says:

    For me it’s about striving to be as good as you re: DPS. Now where do I get that meter from, so that I can secretly strive to be as good as your alts.

  7. Tesh says:

    Bad guys die, good guys live. That’s enough for me.

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