Asheron’s Call, The Comeback Kid

1999 meet 2002

1999 meet 2004

Back in December I wrote about the upcoming graphics engine overhaul for Anarchy Online and now it looks like Asheron’s Call is set to receive one too. Surprisingly I find myself oddly excited about it all.

I last played AC back in 2000, the same year as when I went to university and got my first chest hair (I now have two) and, although I enjoyed it a fair amount, it was no Everquest substitute. Now, after more than 10 years (hats off to the game for surviving so long), I’m actually quite digging the idea of Asheron’s Call making a comeback. Maybe it’s the nostalgia talking or maybe it’s just the fact that I want a MMO that will run well on my netbook, I’m thrilled that some of our old school favourite MMORPGs are due to get upgraded.

Although there’s very little information available about the graphics overhaul it seems to be targeting just landscape and buildings only so I don’t think we’ll be seeing new character models or spell effects with it which is a bit of a shame. Still, can’t really complain. I do definitely hope, however, that they improve the UI and camera and mouse controls. I can deal with outdated graphics but I can’t live without my familiar mouse controls and flexible camera movements.

So overall promising and exciting news. That’s two of the earliest MMORPGs getting graphics upgrades… when’s Everquest going to be playable in a browser window?


P.S. If you want a chuckle, check out Wikipedia’s listed system requirements for AC. I think my watch has enough RAM to run it.

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  1. Fremskritt says:

    That’s the great thing about older games that still hold some appeal. You can run them on pretty much anything. I am playing HOMM3 on a virtual machine simply so I can run it windowed and it’s no problem at all. I just install DAEMON Tools Lite and mount an image file of the play disc in the virtual DVD drive. Yes, a virtual DVD drive on a virtual computer, I can see the infinite regress already.

  2. Sithinious says:

    I had fun with AC. It’s definitely a macro-friendly game.

    • Gordon says:

      I don’t remember much about it tbh. I am surprised it’s still going though even when the sequel was cancelled. I played AC2 briefly but for some reason my connection to the game was terrible and I couldn’t enjoy it due to constant disconnects.

  3. Ysharros says:

    Hah see for me, Asheron’s Call was my first evar MMO and so EQ never really compared to it. We were talking about it (well ok, reminiscing :D ) with some friends the other night — AC is one of the only games I can recall where you could actually dodge incoming magic and missiles, which was kinda fun (and probably why the game was so popular with its PvP crowd, of which I was never one).

    I went back to it briefly a year or so ago and as a walk down memory lane it was… oookay. None of the friends I’d made were there, though, and that’s really what keeps you in a game. In Asheron’s Call I met the guild I’m still in today, not to mention dozens of friends I’ve now known for a decade, one of whom I even married. LOTS of memories. :D

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