The Guild Leader’s Handbook

The Guild Leader's Handbook. The Guild TV show. Get the connection?... Yeah, I know I'm really starting to scrap the barrel with these images.

The Guild Leader's Handbook. The Guild TV show. Get the connection?... Yeah, I know I'm really starting to scrape the barrel.

I was quite surprised today when a parcel got dropped off at my office containing a copy of The Guild Leader’s Handbook, a new book about, surprisingly, running guilds in MMOs. I was contacted by No Starch Press, an independent publishing company, about two weeks ago asking if I wanted a free review copy so of course, being the sellout that I am, I immediately said yes. Considering I live all the way over in Scotland I was a pretty skeptical about them actually bothering to send me one but, true to their word, it arrived today. My first blogging freebie! I must be on the road to fame and fortune.

TGLH is written by Scott Andrews, a columist for who I’d never heard of before even though it turns out I’ve read a ton of his articles. Aside from being a MMO blogger, Andrews knows a heck of a lot of guild leadership, something that becomes very apparent as soon as you crack open the book. Ever wondered how it’s possible to fill 190 pages with guild related information? Scott Andrews knows and is happy to demonstrate with a prowess that would put a female panther to shame.

Obviously as I just got the book today I haven’t had much of a chance to get into it, having only read the first and last chapters (probably says a lot about me). I was particularly intrigued by the last chapter which covers the real life issues relating to gaming and guilds such as how to spot sexual predators and organise in-person get-togethers, a side of MMOs I’ve never been much interested in. Even though I was in a very close bonded Everquest 2 guild for two years, chatted to people for hours over Ventrillo, shared real life photos (not that kind), and hooked up via Facebook and MSN, I’ve never actually met any of my guildies in real life. Partly because we all lived so so far apart and partly because we just didn’t like each other that much.

So far TGLH looks like it’s going to be an enjoyable read and, as a multiple ex-guild leader myself, is sure to tickle my fancy. All of the best to Scott Andrews and I hope the book does well. I’ll write a proper review once I’ve read it.


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  1. Longasc says:

    Yeah, they for sure infected half the MMO blogosphere with their review copies! xD

  2. Stabs says:

    So when you say you’re not interested in spotting sexual predators does that mean you like them to sneak up on you?

    Enquiring minds want to know!

  3. Wasdstomp says:

    I organized a DAOC get together in Portland sometime during the first year of anyone on the Tristan server. It was a blast to see all the different come together to talk about killing each other and stuff.

  4. amcl says:

    Does the book detail how to get people to sign up to your guild? I’m always amazed at how some guilds have tones of members – must have taken them ages to ‘collect’ so many members. I aspire to have a guild where people ask you if they can join the guild and I’d love to be a successful guild leader .. if anyone’s interested, look for the WoW WeFlySpitFires guild..

  5. River says:

    Yeah I think they know not to send me a review copy…I couldn’t lead someone out of a wet paperbag.

  6. River says:

    @amci two types of recruitment methods, if you have a core of friends that start a guild and are successful then grow from there, success breeds success, or the spam type of guild thats takes anyone they can, and hope they have enough competent people to be of a moderate success.

  7. Yetian says:

    As a minor blog ;) I didn’t get offered a copy, lol.

    @Gordon we have had a few meets in our guild, the latest one is planned for the end of next month. Liverpool and the Isle of Mann are our destinations this year. Your welcome to turn up in Liverpool for a few beers. ;)

  8. Gravity says:

    Hi Gordon, fyi you might be interested in the new site I’ve started with several other leadership bloggers: MMO Leader.

  9. How does one receive a copy?

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