Should I Purchase The Half Price LotRO Lifetime Subscription?

One subscription to rule them all.

One subscription to rule them all.

Ever since I received an email from Codemasters on Monday offering me a half price lifetime subscription to The Lord of the Rings Online I’ve been debating whether or not to subscribe. It’s being offered at £75/$109/€88, the equivalent of about 6 or 7 months play on a normal monthly subscription so it’s a pretty good deal if I thought it’s a game I’d play for a prolonged period of time or keep coming back to.

The problem is that I just can’t decide if I would play it enough to warrant the expense. I bought both the original game and the Mines of Moria expansion when they first came out but never played much more than a few weeks each time. So the real risk is that I shell out a not-so-inconsiderable sum of money for a MMO that I never touch. Plus the fact that Codemasters (the EU distributors) are offering so many free weeks play for returning veterans and now this lifetime subscription deal makes me wonder how well the game is actually doing and how bright it’s future is going to be.

On the other hand though the idea of having LotRO sitting on my desktop and being available to play at any time without a second-thought is quite appealing and it might be the perfect game for me to enjoy when I’m getting a bit bored or fed up with WoW. Likewise, without the concept of a monthly subscription looming over my head, I’d be able to play the game at a lot slower pace without worrying about what all my time of inactivity is costing me.

Anyway, I can’t decide so I thought I’d let you guys have your say. What do you think? Subscribe or not-subscribe?

Update: I was going to do a poll for this post but it turns out the plugin I’m using, WP-Polls, is broken and doesn’t work with the new version of WordPress. Anyone able to suggest a replacement poll plugin?


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  1. Akely says:

    Yes, you should. I just did. There.

  2. Carthalis says:

    I bought the lifetime when it first came out three years ago when it was around £100 for the collector’s edition. I haven’t played it religiously buts its been really nice to have it there so I can play whenever I want. The last couple of months I have played it pretty much all the time getting myself to Lothlorien and enjoyed it. I think at £75 its definitely worth it

  3. Carson says:

    If you’ve given the game a couple of cracks but never played more than a few weeks, it’s kinda hard to see that you’d get value out of a lifetime subscription. So I guess it all comes down to how much better you think LOTRO would work as an “every now and then game”, since it hasn’t really worked as a “regular” MMO for you.

  4. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    Yes you should.

  5. KaarBaak says:

    What’s the deal with the offer? I’m US, and had an account when first released. If I had access, I’d get it.

  6. scrusi says:

    Well, you know that I would advise against it but aside from my dislike of the game during this welcome back weekend there are a couple of other reasons.

    For one, do you really see yourself going back to the game that casually (i.e. firing it up for an hour or so)? At least for me, MMOs require some sort of commitment to be fun.
    If you wouldn’t do it that way, $109 buys you the subscription for seven-ish month. Meaning you could return for a month 7 times before you break even.

    Also, I fell like lifetime subscriptions are made to screw users over. But maybe that’s just my bad experience with Cryptic ;) Still, LotrO is a couple of years old now and will be very old soonish. Either there will be a major upgrade (which you won’t get for free and which would come with a free month) or you will just have better games to play. Just imagine how many fun games you could get on steam for that price for those periods when you’re bored with wow ^^

    • openedge1 says:

      This man says a lot.

      You KNOW I want to say more. There is so much at issue here. Updates have slowed down considerably Playtimes of those who do play is slowing based on data we have available..

      All this and size two waists on male models, non-bitmap based UI that scales horribly to widescreens, hitching gameplay, models that turn like robots, bland questing that forces grouping for anything better story wise than killing 100 boars…and so much more.

      Play something better with that cash….even better…wait for Cataclysm and buy a CE instead.


    • Gordon says:

      You put forward a very compelling argument, Scrusi. Damn, I’m really confused now!

  7. Anonymous says:

    You probably should, considering some single games cost nearly that much already for far less playtime. LoTRO will probably be around for a good bit longer, and if you ever get your 6 months worth out of it over the next 3-4 years it would already be worth it by far compared to your other options for the money, like …
    -2-3 other games optimistically that might last you 4-5 months at best
    -maybe one or two nights out on the town

  8. I’ve thought about actually picking up a lifetime for LOTRO and I don’t even play. I hear so much good stuff about it that when this half-price deal came along, I almost snatched it up and saw what the fuss was about. And with my recent WoW frustration, I’m still tempted to. I enjoy what Turbine has done with DDO, and if you’re already a fan, I say drop the cash. It’ll eventually pay for itself.

    • Gordon says:

      Exactly. Everything says it’s great so it’s very tempting. I mean, for instance, if EVE offered a lifetime subscription then I’d jump at the opportunity because it’s exactly the type of game that I’d just love to have there for me to pop in and play on and off. The question is, would LotRO be the same and would I feel the same way a few months down the line?

  9. spinks says:

    If you’ve only ever played for a few weeks, what makes you think you’re going to suddenly want to level a character in LOTRO?

    I like the game, and I levelled a character to max when it first came out. So for me, this is a slightly different proposition. I think you could MAKE it be worth the money if you decide to spend a few months there seeing what is on offer, regardless of what openedge1 says, there’s plenty of content for someone who never played the game before (its the people at max level who are getting bored).

    But really up to you. If you only ever hop in for a few weeks at a time, you might be better with something else. If you think this could be a good excuse to try for a few months, level a character, and see what it’s all about, then I’d go for it.

  10. Longasc says:

    I am waiting for Rohan.

    I would take that offer – but my spidey sense says there will not be much content in the next 12 months.

    Can’t they simply announce Rohan 2011? I know GW2 and SWTOR are coming, but that would seal the deal.

    I guess lifetime or not does not matter anymore soon: I suspect a pay for content, aka pay for the next zone approach.

  11. zlanath says:

    The fact the Time Warner bought Turbine a few weeks ago sealed it for me! They will pump money in, in an effort to return a profit, so pace off development should accelerate now :-)

  12. moxie says:

    I bought a Lifetime subscription when LotRO launched. I played it… maybe 3 months at launch. I recently went back to it a few months ago after my frustrations with WoW hit the boiling point… and honestly, it’s a much better game now compared to when it launched. They’ve added more functionality, have streamlined the leveling process in the early zones, and there’s a LOT of content there for a new player.

    I’m also finding that it’s the yin to WoW’s yang, it’s strengths are WoW’s weaknesses and vice versa, so from this point forward I plan on playing both on a casual basis, although LotRO will get the bulk of playtime until Cataclysm.

  13. Salome says:

    Me and my husband are also confused about the same offer. We played WoW for so long and he got bored. We played EQ2 too and he got bored some time later. We turn back to WoW, played AoC, WoW again :) Now we’re in LotRO. I loved every game we played (WoW is still my first love) but it seems we’ll play LotRO some more time. So making a deal for life time may be good. But SWTOR will come and I’m sure my husband will want us to try that :) ) So well if you plan to play 7-8 months it’s a good offer I would say. Even if you don’t play for so long keeping your characters and knowing that you can play anytime you wish to is a good feeling :)

    • Gordon says:

      I’m leaning towards not taking up the offer actually simply because I don’t think I’ll play it for more than 7 months and thus it just be more cost effective for me to subscribe for a month or two.

  14. Huma says:

    It all boils down to two points you should consider: how much do you value your time and how much do you see yourself playing an ‘alt’ MMO.

    If you see yourself only playing lotro for few months in the summer as an alternative to wow then the obvious choice is not to pay the lifetime sub. On the other hand if you really want to give it a shot and try to reach the endgame and enjoy the ride towards it you probably need to commit a bit more than few weeks in the summer for it. Or how much do you appreciate the fact that you’d have a ‘free’ MMO for the rest of it’s lifetime which is easily up to 3+ years.

    I have a combined /played time of little over 3 months so the decision was easy for me even though I haven’t touched lotro for little over a month because I started warhammer which is really fun pvp-wise but horrid pve-wise. I think I’m going to keep it this way. I have a free PvE-MMO with awesome mature (20+) community with rich lore and big regular updates and a bug-ridden, ugly as hell, truly fun PvP-MMO with umm.. customizable ui. I can anytime change the pvp-mmo to aoc, wow, eve or try any new mmo but I still have always something to come back. Can you see yourself in a similar situation?

    Just throwing another viewpoint for you :)

    Oh and don’t fear about the vanishing player base, it’s nothing compared to what happened to warhammer or aoc. Every game has it’s peak and then a slow descent. Lotro is still ‘one of the biggest MMO’s ‘ in Europe and North America (

  15. Yetian says:

    I have a founder lifetime sub and have played in short bursts now and again.

    I recently started making time once a week to join my guilds LOTR branch as some of our long time members are playing there more than EQ2 and I miss them all. ;)

    If you decide to try it and want something new then your welcome to pop onto Laurelin (RP server but we don’t RP it just gets rid of the idiots ;) ) and look for neXus members.

    The advantage of the life sub is I reckon even though my highest char is 21 (new char is now 15) I have got my money’s worth as I don’t have to worry about jumping in to see longtime friends and paying to do so monthly.

    As for a poll plugin, I have been meaning to look for one myself, but if nothing turns up you could insert a polldaddy poll into a post, there may even be a plugin for that.

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  17. dimex says:

    do any one know a place where i can buy a lifetime sub?
    Please tell me

  18. Mistakened says:





  19. gOTaTIMEmachine says:

    You wish you had a time machine, don’t ya?

    Go back in time and change your decision to subscribe knowing now that the game sucks.

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