The Best Of The Rest: Grace Jones Edition

Sorry, I just couldnt bring myself to put a picture of Grace Jones on my blog.

Sorry, I just couldnt bring myself to put a picture of Grace Jones on my blog.

Ahh, another exciting week for the MMORPG world. Funcom launched their first Age of Conan expansion, Eurogamer reviewed it then removed their review, and Lord of the Rings Online fought back on the European front by offering veterans a half price lifetime subscription as well as a free weeks play… which happened to coincide right with the launch of Rise of the Godslayer. Pistols at dawn!

Here’s my pick of the web:


P.S. Oh and if you’re wondering what the name of this week’s article has to do with anything then shame on you for not watching Conan The Destroyer. In fact, forget that… count yourself lucky you’ve not seen it and go read a Conan novel instead.

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  1. scrusi says:

    Big hugs for the link love :)
    On a sidenote, I was actually considering to get mines of moria in order to be able to try out the rune guy in the free month. Turns out LotRO expansions don’t come with a free month – or am I mistaken there?

    • Gordon says:

      I don’t think they do. Most expansions don’t seem to unless they include the entire game and then even only for new subscribers. Current players seem to get the short end of the stick :(

      Maybe you could buy the compliation pack though and just start a new account? That way you’d get 30 days free. Although it probably works out about the same as the expansion + 1 month sub.

      • scrusi says:

        I wonder if I can buy the compilation and keep my old account somehow. Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy the expansion and a month. What’s 35€ if I get to try out a new class? ^^

        • scrusi says:

          Just in case someone else stumbles over this:

          If you buy the triple pack you can actually add that to your existing account and get the free 30 days nevertheless. That is only slightly more expensive than buying just Mines + a month, so you get Mirkwood almost free.

  2. Thanks for the link love! And you may have just inspired me to post a Grace Jones pic the next time I do an AoC related article :P

    And if that LOTRO half priced LTS had been offered here, I would be all over that.

  3. What’s wrong with Grace Jones!

  4. Leah says:

    I second Joshua above me – what is wrong with Grace Jones? I think she’s awesome! (But then I also love the way orc females in WoW look, I think they are hot :P ) I liked Conan the destroyer >_>

    oh yeah, Steam on mac, oh how I love and hate thee…I’ve been playing Torchlight this entire weekend >_> there’s a weird bug when starting some games, but for the most part love love love! so many games I wanted to play and couldn’t…and now I can :)

  5. Indeed, thanks for the linkage, my friend. :D

  6. Elleseven says:

    Grace Jones scares me. I’ll admit it. Every thing she does from singing La vie en rose to getting busy with 007 makes my stomach curdle.

  7. OrderedChaos says:

    I loves me some Grace Jones. She is also also a pretty good vocalist. You should check into some of her music sometime.

  8. [...] Gordon of We Fly Spitfires shied away from posting a picture of Grace Jones on his blog, so I told him I would in my next AoC-related article…and, well, now I sort of have to deliver. In all seriousness though, I think Grace Jones is awesome, I loved her in Conan the Destroyer! [...]

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