The Best Of The Rest: i-Fairy Edition

A lotta hoop-la about this about communities in MMORPGs or, more specifically, the community in World of Warcraft, all in response to Wolfshead’s controversial article. Man, I love a bit of hullabaloo in the morning. Of course, all of this pales in comparison to the iFairy, a magical robot which marries couples in Japan. Now that’s technological progress.

Anyhoo, onward with the linketh loveth!


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  1. Stabs says:

    “Brad McQuaid wants us to all play Vanguard.”

    3 years too late.

  2. scrusi says:

    Muchas gracias once again. Must have been hard to find so many non-wolfshead-response posts this week ;)

    • Gordon says:

      Your more than welcome! Really enjoyed your post :)

      • Tesh says:

        Agreed; I just picked up Scrusi on my blogroll, and I’m enjoying the archives and new posts.

        IP and “eSports” are interesting things… ultimately, I think one just has to “follow the money”, to quote an overused maxim. IP law is a really weird animal, but more often than not, it’s those with the money to make the courts jump that really shape how the laws fall out. I know, nothing new there, but it’s been a good thing to keep in the back of my head when I’m pondering IP implications.

        …oh, and thanks for the link. I wasn’t sure anyone would bother reading that wall of text. Apparently, there are a few people who are happy with The Way Things Are, and thought exercises outside of that box just don’t tend to go down well.

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