MMO Or Baby?

One day every year sumo wrestlers try to make babies cry. I am not making that up.

One day every year sumo wrestlers try to make babies cry. I am not making that up.

You probably don’t know this but my brother, MMO muse and WoW noob king, became a father for the second time in April (gz, gj, woot etc) and since then his budding MMORPG career has taken a nose dive. He literally went from playing a couple of hours a night to, well, never playing at all. This disturbing fact got me wondering… do I really want kids?

To be honest I probably don’t have much say in the matter as my wife’s body clock is ticking down like a nuclear time bomb and if I don’t willingly consent I’ll probably wake up one night to find an empty package of Viagra by my beside and my spouse gently rocking atop me. /sigh. Thing is though, I’m just not that into kids. At worst I see them as an annoyance and at best I see them as competition and, as much as I want to sow my seed and leave my legacy on the world, I don’t want to have to give my up gaming nights to do it.

I heard kids take up a lot of time and require a bit of attention so I really have no idea how people manage to balance gaming and parenting. And some even maintain a blog too! I’m in awe of that multitasking, I truly am. No doubt it gets a bit easier as the children get older and can entertain themselves but those first few years of childcare sounds like an absolute killer. On the bright side though, I suppose one could end up with an army of the buggers ready to grind crafting materials at their command.

I can’t decide. So I’m going to leave this incredibly important and life changing decision the hands of you, my loyal readers. Choose wisely my friends, my future is in your hands.

Should I have a baby?

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Gordon envisages a future in which he’s playing MMOs whilst his baby resides in a cage on his desk, gentle cooing as he mines rare ore.

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  2. Geoff says:

    You could give every waking moment to your kids and they could still take more than you could ever give, they are sponges with infinity energy, so yes it would be exceptionally difficult to multitask the things of which you speak
    That said there is a joy and reward to having children and having a family of your own that cannot be replaced by any other experience, but there are already far too many people in the world, an unsustainable amount infact so if you dont have children you are doing the world a bigger favour than dumping another messed up adult into the mix because you were too busy gaming to raise them.
    No one can make the choice but you and your partner, but if your partner wants kids, they are going to have them which means they wont be with you, or if they do stay with you then and you dont have kids then you are taking away that experience which cannot be replaced.
    One day you may get weary of gaming and regret having missed out on this chance to reproduce but for the love of god do not have children if you are not willing to put the time in and it is basically all of your time, every waking moment of your life.
    It cannot be overstated how time consuming, difficult and painful and expensive it is to raise a child and if you have a go you will mess it up, but you have the chance to mess it up in a new a creative way!

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  8. Manutencao says:

    Of course you should have a baby!!! LOL!!!

  9. Dicas says:

    I think you should have a baby also!

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