The Best Of The Rest: Free-To-Read Edition

Following the current trend of MMORPGs, this blog has now become Free-To-Read. Current subscribers will be promoted to VIP status and receive a free photo once a month of me in my underwear to print out and stick on their wall or exchange as a form of currency with other blogs participating in the F2R scheme. For a small fee, Premium Readers will be able to view the entire contents of my blog and will receive a photo of me partial dressed in different apparel every month (bet you can’t wait for ‘Navy Month’ eh?). Free Readers will receive obscure, out of focus shots of myself and will only be able to view the first 200 words of every blog post. Some will probably consider that the best deal of all. The fools.

Anyway, enough with my attempts to pursue a career in male modelling. Let’s look at the best of the web from the last seven days:


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  1. Russ says:

    LOL Navy month :)

    So yeah, I subscribed way back………… :P

  2. Klepsacovic says:

    I shudder to think of what is in the SpitCash Store.

  3. Stabs says:

    Thanks for the mention. It’s been an interesting week in MMO blog land.

  4. wilhelm2451 says:

    Probably the most effective way ever to get a mass of spam comments and ping-backs on your blog, mention selling WoW Gold. It is a good thing that does a decent job at catching them.

    • Gordon says:

      Hehe yeah, they seem to pick up on certain keywords. It actually drives me crazy because my server charges me more if go over my CPU allowance so getting 1,000 spam comments on an article is highly annoying :(

  5. [...] “Following the current trend of MMORPGs, this blog has now become Free-To-Read.” With Turbine’s recent announcement to have Lord of the Rings Online go free-to-play, a distraught Gordon begins to lose it. [...]

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