Warhammer 40K Trailer Impressions

Me like. Yeah, I know, it’s only a trailer but still, me like.

Obviously it’s impossible to tell whether or not the game will actually be any good based on a 66 second video but it’s definitely sparked my interested and kicked up my internal hype-o-meter another notch. The graphics look nice and seem to have captured the Warhammer 40K vibe well enough plus I’m encouraged to see controllable vehicles and some lovely, fast-paced combat.

No doubt the combat in WAR 40K is going to be a point of heated discussion and the trailer clearly shows something that looks similar to Tabula Rasa and it’s almost FPS style mechanics. Some MMO gamers may hate this form of combat but I’m looking forward to something different from the current, almost turn-based, fantasy combat we have in most games now. How twitch-based Vigil go with the play style will be something they’ll need to monitor closely though less they find themselves without both the traditional MMO audience or the FPS one.

So, overall I’m filled with more positive feelings about Warhammer 40K than I was before. Plus, what’s not to like about Orks with guns?


P.S. Is that Ian McShane doing the voice-over?

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  1. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    That looks AWESOME!!!

  2. Masaq says:

    That honestly sounds nothing like Ian McShane!

    Game looks alright, more interesting than TOR but a little more scrappy around the edges. “It is a time of WAR” conjures negative images of another recent Warhammer game…

  3. Ferrel says:

    It looks so much like WoW I was shocked. I know some folks might stink that is a good thing but for me it was a bit of a turn off. I’m not a big can of wholesale copying but then again it was only a short trailer.

    I would just expect something darker and Gothic from the 40K universe!

  4. I’m all for an MMOFPS, but I couldn’t get over how much this game looked like Dawn of War. I mean, look at how those IG respond to getting shot at 0:49; it could have come straight out of the RTS.

    Not saying those games aren’t good; I loved Dark Crusade, and DoWII is an interesting RTS-RPG hybrid. But I’m not really feeling this game.

    Maybe because I’m a Tau guy.

  5. Austin says:

    The game looks promising and im a heavy fan of Warhammer and Gamesworkshop but how on earth will they be able to balance it out? you have Space marines vs. the Guard? and a bloody TItan?! surely they have scratch the very surface of its full potential

  6. Tigurius Marius says:

    I’ve beta-ed Tabula Rasa and loved the game play – but after the major patch before the debuted really hurt the game in my opinion – to the person who mention the play style. As the for general overall look – I think they did an excellent job in such a short time. The graphics are a little cartoony but I’m more for a solid game play experience – let them update the graphics package in a couple years – but to compete with the big names in the MMO experience – it’s play style that’ll make or break it.

    Plus it’s not like they don’t have enough fluff to go off of for the creation. As for the other races like Tau, Necron, or even Tyranid – this game is still in the beginning stages. I think many people get jaded into think as soon as you see a trailer – you got a finished product. We got some more time before this goes to beta to get an idea about the play style. I for one am definitely a fan boy – so my assessment would obviously be biased – but from my previous experiences from the other beta’ed MMO’s – this one has got a good chance at bringing together an enviroment that is fast paced and engrossing if they focus on the game play first – graphics update 2nd.

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