Warning: This post contains contemplations of a highly whimsical nature.

So I’m right in the midst of moving flat now.Today we hauled our most precious items (my wife’s jewelry and immigration documents and my computer – always good to know where one’s priorities lie) to our new abode and tomorrow we face the tiring wrath of the full furniture removal adventure. Top it off with the fact that Scotland is currently being hit with the heat wave of the century (24C/75F, people were collapsing from sunstroke in the streets today) and the next 24 hours don’t appeal to me very much. In fact, I might just crawl into a ball right now and die.

Still, moving is an odd experience as you eventually end up faced with your entire life laid before you in a series of cardboard boxes. The first thought that sprung to my mind was simply “damn, I’ve got a lot of stuff”. Even though I threw out a large amount of stuff when we last moved a mere eight months ago, I still somehow manage to have an absolute abundance of things, most of them I’d completely forgotten about until I saw today. My wife is no better which is strange as you’d think a woman who emigrated from her native country only a few years ago simply wouldn’t have been able to acquire the sheer amount of stuff she now has in such a short period of time. But like a woman with a goal, she’s succeeded and we’re now going to make some removal men very unhappy and a storage company very wealthy.

Most of stuff is my exceptionally geeky too. I have 19 boxes of comics which I’ve collected over the past 15 years, tons of DVDs, games and books and an absolute vast amount of trading cards from when I was a teenager. I’ve actually had to throw a lot of these our over the past few days and it just fills my heart with nostalgia then shatters it without remorse it like Charleen, the high school prom queen who never let you get to second base.

All of this is why I’m becoming more and more a fan of virtual items. I like MP3s, I like digital photos, I like online gaming… I like it all because when I move home I don’t need to rip new biceps in my arms with an insane amount of heavy lifting (physical exertion is my natural predator). In fact, I want more things to go virtual. I want to start downloading all of my films in glorious HD, I want to play online TCGs, I want my comics to be awesome digital things that get delivered straight into my e-reader’s cyber-brain, I want virtual pets instead of real ones, I want to be able to pack my entire life into a single laptop and a 1TB portable hard drive. A depressing thought, I know, but at least it would save on a lot of heavy lifting.

Stuff. I’ve got a crap load of it. Do you?


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