The Best Of The Rest: iDish Edition

Eating food of the iDish

Introducing the iDish. Another way to ruin your perfectly good iPad.

As you can see from the image, this weeks BotR is dedicated to Japanese innovation, ingenuity and versatility in the face of new products. Via Kirainet I found this wonderful article about an Otaku who thought to answer the question all iPad owners ponder: “what would happen if I used my iPad as a dish?”. The result saw the birth of the iDish, portable food consumption platform with exchangeable backgrounds. New product for Apple, mayhaps?

Anyway, onward to glory with links from the MMO blogosphere!


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  1. Rebecca Judd says:

    Thanks for the pingback! And great intro; just imagining using an iPad to plate up something hearty for the chilly Edinbugrhsummer weather. Mash and gravy, perhaps, really give the iDish a run for its money?

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