Time Travelling Feature Discovered In Real ID

Real ID Time Travel

Time travel is only one of my many hobbies

According to this screenshot that my brother sent me, I haven’t logged into World of Warcraft for 41 years. Rather impressive consider neither I nor WoW were around in the 60s.

Dear Blizzard, to discover the perpetrator of this bug simply look for the coder who recently received the entire series of Quantum Leap on DVD and is currently reading any H.G. Wells novel.

-Gordon McFly

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  1. Ok, I have to admit it’s very weird seeing your real name in that friends list…

  2. rowan says:

    That is awesome. I wonder what happened.

  3. Stabs says:

    Damn you with your special sneak pre-alphas! You might at least break the SWTOR 3 NDA for your long-suffering fans…

  4. Maybe this means a trip back in time is in your future :P

  5. amcl says:

    Slightly disappointed that you didn’t include a screenshot of my character in all his glory :)

    Does that mean T’s the “time traveler’s wife”

  6. Michal (Mic) says:

    Does that mean you invented in the interwebs?

  7. Rhii says:

    I always wanted to ride in a Delorean… will you be my friend? XD

  8. Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Gordon McLachlan led an elite group of bloggers into the desert to develop a top-secret project known as “We Fly Spitfires.” Pressured to gain readers or lose hits, Dr. McLachlan prematurely stepped into the project accelerator, and vanished…

  9. Professer says:

    This would happen to me in multiple games on my old computer with the date Dec 31, 1969 at 7 AM. If my math isnt failing me, that is the same as yours. I am amazed to see another person experience this anomaly

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