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I don't care how long it's been. Zerg rushing is still a lame tactic.

There are advantages for working in an office full of geeks. For instance, in order to celebrate the impending release of Starcraft 2 and somehow sate our desires to play it, we decided to install the original Starcraft on our computers at work and have a few games after hours. Although the original is more than tweleve years old, can’t even support a widescreen resolution, is slow as a dog and looks incredibly fugly, it’s still a lot of fun to play… even if I did get my ass kicked by some of my younger, and more up date with SC, colleagues (my feeble excuse being I haven’t played the darn thing in a decade). I’m probably looking forward to SC2 more than even now but still, at the back of my mind, what I really want to play is World of Starcraft.

Although Blizzard have emphatically stated that their next MMO is not based on the Starcraft IP, surely it must be something that’s being discussed internally? Maybe I’m being naive but it would seem almost impossible to imagine that we’ll never, ever see a Starcraft MMO given the huge success of not only World of Warcraft but also the original SC. Not combining the two together would be like (for Americans) not putting jelly on your peanut butter sandwiches or (for Europeans) not drinking wine with your meal or (for Scottish) not deep fat frying every single thing we eat.

Perhaps I’m being brash but I’m happy to confidently state that we will absolutely and definitely, at some point in the future, see a World of Starcraft. It won’t happen anytime soon but then I’m not expecting to either. In fact, I reckon it wouldn’t happen for a good 8-10 years, my secret hope being 2018 as to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the original Starcraft. It would be the perfect time for Blizzard too as World of Warcraft may be in it’s death throws or not even around at all and their second MMO would be at a mature age, well into it’s expected lifespan.

The success of Starcraft 2 will be a very telling factor in the timing of a possible SC MMO. By all accounts it looks like it’s going to smash some records when it comes out on Tuesday and if a license has that power after no game has been made using it for 11 years then Activision must be rubbing their hands together at the prospect of the popularity of a World of Starcraft. And let’s not forget Korea. Considering Starcraft is an national televised sport over there, a SC MMO would be well… insane. I imagine they’d have to start teaching it to young children in schools and devise some sort of cybernetic implant to allow players to directly plug themselves into the game.

Frankly, I just don’t see how Blizzard couldn’t not make it. Plus, y’know, I’m gonna need a MMO that I can play with my kids and annoy them by constantly saying “I remember when the original game came out… we didn’t have any of these fancy graphics or futuristic whag-wa-ma-call-its. Back in those days 16MB was a lot of RAM…”.

World of Starcaft. You know you want it.


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  1. Gremrod says:

    Does Star Craft have lore? I know they can write lore for it, but still had to ask if it has lore at all right now.

  2. A World of Starcraft in the future? Hmm, in light of your last post, I guess I’m inclined to believe you since you must have seen it, o great time-traveling one :P

    In all seriousness though, I guess I can see it. Though in either years, don’t you think Blizzard coming up with a whole new IP is just as likely? Regardless, I agree with you on the fugly statement. Yikes, I haven’t played SC in ages myself, but that picture looks a lot worse than I remember. It’s been too long.

  3. Scott says:

    I could certainly see Blizzard tapping the Starcraft IP for an MMO. Worlds of Starcraft just seems so obvious. But would we be happy with it if they simply slapped Starcraft skins over WoW’s DIKU core? Would we be happy if they pulled a WoW where they removed the whole “War” part of Warcraft? Are we going to have 3 races PvE-ing happily along, not being able to talk to one another, and only interacting in 20v20 instanced battles?

  4. rowan says:

    My buddy at work is way too excited for SC2 to come out. I think a WoS game would be more interesting.

  5. Dril says:

    I desperately hope Blizz do either a) a Blizzified EVE in the form of SC2, only with ground combat and basically everything annoying about EVE thrown out or b) something similar, but in a steampunk setting. I started reading some steampunk novels again and damn, I want an MMO badly.

  6. Dblade says:

    I think you really overrate Starcraft’s popularity. It’s a game popular in a certain set, but I bet you could ask a lot of people to name two of the races and they would have no idea. They had to shelve Starcraft: Ghost, and that game had little to no buzz.

    • Gordon says:

      By all accounts SC is one of the most best selling games of all time (apparently) and it does have a huge following in South Korea. For a game that’s 12 years old that’s doing pretty good I reckon, although yeah, it’s Western appeal is a lot smaller. I think the success of SC2 will be a big factor though. If it really goes supernova then the pressure will definitely be on to make a SC MMO. Plus don’t forget that Warcraft was relatively unknown and smalltime before WoW was released.

  7. Doug says:

    SC2 plus SC1 is all the lore you need for World of Starcraft (vanilla).

  8. Rer says:

    There’s a *lot* of lore in Starcraft, most people just don’t know it. There are many many books and individual backstories for characters, factions, and worlds.

    • Gordon says:

      Totally. Plus Blizz have put in a lot of effort to create a deep storyline in SC2. I think it would form the basis of a very rich MMO world.

      • Yeah, I can just see it now: a 3rd of the players would be SCVs / Probes / Drones…. mining crystals (minerals) and vespine gas all day…. and selling it on illegal 3rd party sites…. lol

        Also, if you’re Zerg… and you’re playing a drone, what happens when you morph into a building? You die? Lose your character? Or do you get to be the building… ?

  9. Damo says:

    in answer to above i believe they would direct the race lke zerg into a siuation where it makes sence for example kerrigan is half zerg so i would go along with something like a race of half zergs made by kerrigan simuler to her end up braking free from her .. sounds simuler to wow .. you bet but thats how i would work the zerg into a playable race as for the other races there easy to intergrate into a mmo ocourse the third option would be make the zerge like the scourge on wow then terrans and protoss have a common enemy to fight agiast aswell as 2 factions to fight each other .. again it echos wow but thats how i would do it to be honnest to make it work unless a 4th race was added which 2 races each could buddy up to form alliances agaist other and so forth.but it does echo wow too much its the same story but with a differnt dressing look into starcraft story aswell and youll see so many reflection of wow and starcraft so lore will never be an issue

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