The Best Of The Rest: Hooked On Starcraft 2 Edition

Starcraft 2: Terrans

Choke point not blocked. Amateur. /rolleyes

Zergling rush. Protoss Photon Cannon cheese. Build orders. Choke points. Kekekeke. I’m slowly losing my sanity to Starcraft 2 multiplayer. Funny thing is, I can’t decide if I totally love the game or utterly detest it. I’m really not very good at it but my mildly competitive nature and stubborn streak is preventing me from giving up. I must conquer and it plagues my dreams. SCV 8, build barracks. 11, upgrade Command Center. 18, launch attack… I think my head’s going to explode.

I haven’t had much time to play MMOs the past seven days but that doesn’t mean the blogs have stopped churning out excellent and captivating articles. SCV 9, proceed with link love.


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  1. rowan says:

    Whee! thanks for the love, totally unexpected given the age of the post, I am working on the follow up right now. I’ll post a few pics this evening to show why the going is slow for me right now.

  2. Magson says:

    You missed the article about how gamers being puzzle solvers is helping science move forward. . . . . .

    And how are you supposed to take over New Eden if you’re always playing SC2?

  3. Jeff M says:

    Hey hey thank for the link love soul brotha!

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