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I consider myself a pretty boy nerd in real life

Macs. I have mixed feelings about them. Sure, they don’t crash, they’re reliable and painless to use and every interaction is an incredibly slick and lubricated experience right from the moment you remortgage your house to buy one. However, they’re also soulless contraptions that rob you of any sense of individuality or accomplishment (I feel like a champion every time I get my PC to successfully boot and love to throw around expressions like “defrag”, “format” and “Blue Screen Of Death”). Also everything is always prefixed with a lower case “i” and that really bugs me. Oh and they don’t run MMOs. At all.

As I mentioned on Monday, my blog muse brother recently quite WoW and hung up size 7 shoes (he’s a tiny, tiny man – I’m huge… think the movie ‘Twins’) and since then I’ve been racking my brain to come up with a MMO that both he and I can play together. To complicate matters though he’s a dreaded Mac user, meaning, as far as I’m aware, he only has a choice of either World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online or EVE Online. Slim pickings. Surely those can’t be the only three MMOs available for the Mac?

WoW is obviously out of the question, at least until Cataclysm comes out he says, and we tried Warhammer quite recently. Aside from the fact that it didn’t run very well on his Mac Mini he also complained that it was a “complete WoW rip-off”. Harsh but kinda fair I suppose, even though I did point out to him that technically it was Blizzard who ripped-off Games Workshop all those moons ago. I still think he would enjoy WAR if he got into it (I still have the endless trial installed) but I get the feeling that it will just remind him too much of WoW.

Which leaves EVE Online. I love EVE like it’s some kind of sexy librarian but I honestly don’t think it would appeal to my bro one iota. It’s definitely not the MMO for anyone who likes a sense of immediate response and feedback and, frankly, the whole thing’s a bit like taking a maths exam. A sexy maths exam but an exam nonetheless and considering my brother uses a calculator to count, I don’t think it’s going to be up his alley. Still, I have this dream that one day he will be the Sancho Panza to my Don Quixote and help me chase down windmills in New Eden.

And thus we run out of non-browser based MMORPGs available on the Mac. There’s got to more than three right? I don’t know much about getting PC versions of games to run on Macs but maybe that would be an option for him? I’m slightly flabberghasted considering the popularity of Apple these days that more games aren’t be released for their products.

All a shame really as I’m going to be spending this weekend trialing Star Trek Online and reinstalling Lord of the Rings Online whilst my bro will be playing Pong on the iPad. It’s called iPong.


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  1. ogrebears says:

    Well there is Eq Mac…..

    But honestly more developers need to look at what college kids are using these days. Roughly 30-40% of laptops bought in college (at least the US) are macs.

    Most developers thought use directx (windows only) instead of opengl (everyone), and if they really want to capture a larger audience they should use opengl and support both mac and windows.

    Though i am bias… i am using my work imac (27 inch, 1440p (1080p looks so small), and i love the machine.

  2. wilhelm2451 says:

    City of Heroes maybe? Toontown Online for the wee bro?

    Apple has a list of MMORPGs on their site. The pickings are slim, but there are a few titles out there.

    @Ogrebears – EverQuest for Mac? I realize there is still a server up for it, but isn’t it stuck about 9 expansions back from the Windows side of things? Not that that is a bad thing if you want a more “classic” server, but I have to imagine the client is pretty balky by this day and age.

    • Jason says:

      In a way, EQMac is actually a breath of fresh air in that it is stuck about 9 expansions ago. Right after Planes of Power, right before they started trying to emulate other games and shoehorn in concepts the game wasn’t designed for. If they made the EQMac server for PC, I’d play it because it’s the game I want, just not enough to buy a Mac to play it.

    • Gordon says:

      CoH is a good thought! Might give that a shot :)

  3. Colerejuste says:

    iPong, uPong, we all pong for iPong…

    That didn’t really work out, did it.

    The real question would be “Does your brother actually want to play MMOs as much as you do?”. Of the three listed, I’ve only played WoW (since 2006), but from what I’ve hear of WAR and EVE, WAR is a proper PvP version of WoW and EVE is a sandbox. And the term sandbox only made sense to me a few months ago. If he didn’t like WoW, and didn’t like WAR, one wonders what type of MMO he would actually be into.

    If your brother isn’t into MMOs as much as you are, then it might not work out. You might consider co-op games like SC2, or multiplayer CoD (whatever the latest incarnation is… the corporate shenanigans of Activision has been the biggest turn off for me, such that I’m probably not going to play MW2 ever again.. but that doesn’t keep me away from WoW, mores the pity).

    I think there is a mac version of EQ, but it might only be for mac users.

    If you’re brother really wants to do MMOs, most of which are PC based, then he might want to consider Bootcamp and a XP license (not sure if Win7 runs under Bootcamp). But first, maybe pick an MMO that you might want to play together first. Unfortunately, I’m quite bias towards WoW, and as I recall, people was the main reason your brother quite. Well, jerks exist in all corners of the MMOverse, so it might come down to game play.

    I do understand wanting to connect with a friend or family member via game play. Best of luck finding something suitable.

  4. wilhelm2451 says:

    Oh, and aside from the full-on Windows emulators, there is CrossOver, which has a games focused version that will let you run LOTRO:

  5. Hel says:

    City of Heroes runs on Mac these days & I believe the upcoming Lego Universe will have a Mac client. One of the reasons I keep going back to WoW is their polished Mac client to be honest.

    Don’t forget you can also install Boot Camp & boot into Windows for those games that don’t have a good Mac client. I’m doing that right now to play Lord of the Rings. It’s a bit of a pain, but I’m loving the game so it’s worth it for now.

  6. Rubel says:

    There’s also City of Heroes, for what that’s worth. I believe it is ported with the same “Cider” technology used to port Warhammer, Spore, and a few others, so it might have similar performance problems on your brother’s machine. Oh, and I think there’s A Tale In The Desert.

    I used to be a Mac-only gamer, so I remember the bit of a renaissance Mac gaming went through a few years back. Since everyone who really cared about gaming just got a Windows Bootcamp partition on their Intel Mac, it’s been on a decline. There are still some solid puzzle, adventure, and strategy games, but the MMO scene is not as lively.

    You might do some more digging at Inside Mac Games (

  7. As others have said, City of Heroes, or if you want the fun PC-like experience of config files and crossing fingers, go with CrossOver Games. You’ll have to pay for the program and it’s a bit on the expensive side, but the benefit is that it runs a surprisingly high number of Windows titles pretty well. It’s just WINE with a nice GUI that makes dealing with configuration a lot easier. The community around it is pretty helpful and the forums are full of people who are pretty good at getting most stuff that doesn’t need the Unreal 3 engine running.

    I was doing it for quite a while until I gave up and just installed Boot Camp so I could reboot into Windows — tell your brother to man up and stop being a sissy. :P

  8. Krosuss says:

    City of Heroes, WAR, Eve Online, WoW … and if you’d like, reboot using Boot Camp and run Windows on your Mac. Runs games like a champ. I play WAR, Aion, and Champions Online with zero problems. And a good gaming PC can cost almost as much as a Mac.

  9. amcl says:

    I’m serious about playing more games with my freakishly tall bro, and one day might resort to buying a Win7 laptop just for gaming.

    Blizzard made an Ace choice with supporting Mac too (I’m sure it would be easily extended to Ubuntu too btw), and I’m looking forward to Diablo 3, which hopefully my brother will play too :)

  10. Christopher says:

    I am in total agreement with you. I have been back and forth between the Apple store getting the iPhone’s fixed for the wife an I, and every time I enter the store, theres a pretty Mac staring at me. Now, I built this fantastic PC I am playing on as of now in $1,200. It has played every game to launch so far at max settings with 40+ FPS. I have dared myself to find an Apple that can do the same, and I will not cause any that are weak of the heart to keel over by posting what I came out to.

    The fact is, truly designers understand that while Apple’s are extremely popular, I believe they understand that their gaming audience is still too limited due to their high price range, as well as the average user does not use said computers as gaming platforms.

    If that changes in the future and we can see a lot more individuality (as you stated) with the new OS changes, as well as a price reduction, and a broader gaming range, then I honestly can see myself purchasing one. As of right now, however, the thought of me paying several grand for a computer that I can be proud of on the Apple side, certainly does not make me a happy camper.

    • Gordon says:

      I’ve got nothing against Macs (honestly!) but I do sometimes fail to see there benefits over a PC considering they cost more and do less. I know the appeal of it “just working” is strong and Apple’s high quality does inspire a lot of brand loyalty but I’m not sure I could ever justify buying one considering most of what I do on my home PC is play games.

  11. amcl says:

    Yes, there’s more games available for PC. And as most of you have pointed out there’s a bigger audience for PC than Mac – cost being a factor for sure. We have the Mac Vs PC debate at work all the time … getting a little tedious now …

    However as my brother wrote about the other day I would be able to play more MMORPGs if I owned a PC (those Dell AlienWare laptops look swish), but would the inhabitants (“players”) of those new worlds be any better than those in WoW.

    Here’s a challenge! And a new blog idea!

    Lots of you guys are WoW MMORPGs gamers and I’d like to stay one –
    let’s arrange a mass WeFlySpitfires WoW meet-up and I’m hoping that meeting
    you guys will breathe new life into my WoW gaming.

    – Gord’s muse.

  12. Pewter says:

    I was very lucky and got a ‘top’ iMac (at the time) for a knockdown price, and part of the attraction for me is the screen space. As a casual gamer who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend outside my WoW budget (I play World of Goo, Portal and I long to own Dragon Age), the idea of having to get a separate operating system to game with is just another obstacle to me bothering to play the games.

    I love gaming, but I can’t justify the cost in my current circumstances. Either the cost/hassle of switching from mac to pc, or buying the games at all. It makes me sad that I can’t try out GW2 or LOTRO without hassle, as I love the mac OS. Hmmm. Maybe when I do my next upgrade it is time for a Hackintosh >>

  13. Rebecca Judd says:

    I’ve just started playing A Tale In The Desert and it’s very, very addictive. It’s also great to play *with* people, and the community there tends to be really friendly and helpful. So if you and your brother enjoy building stuff and working towards improving your and others’ land, give it a try. There’s no combat.

    And, I’m suggesting it because I’ve heard it has a native mac client.

  14. Pitrelli says:

    I’d recommend using bootcamp and running windows, more of a hassle? Yes but it will certainly open up a few more games for your brother. Oh and id recommend giving Champions Online a bash, its not the greatest MMO ever but its a nice little change

    Btw the link to my blog is no longer valid since I recently moved ;)

  15. The Necromancer says:

    Mac is a very good computer, it’s not soulless piece of technology it is a good and RELIABLE friend. (emphasis on the reliable)

    I really do wish they would get more games for the Mac, it really deserves it as PC’s are just hogging up all the games.

    Not enough games are Mac supported, this makes me sad. :(

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