The Best Of The Rest: Pirate Edition

South Park Pirates

Close but not the pirates I'm talking about

Another interesting week in the MMORPG blogosphere has flown past. This time we got to see Blizzard crush some dastardly pirates (score one for capitalism), some controversial information revealed about Warhammer 40K (Space Marines from the start? Yes? No? Who knows!), and APB hitting the headlines for, well, sucking and dying after squandering loads of cash. The MMO industry may be many things but it’s definitely always interesting.

As usual if you know of any great articles or blogs that you don’t think I’m aware of then feel free to pimp them out in the comments section below or, if you’re of a shier disposition, Tweet or email me the details.


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  1. Klepsacovic says:

    You’re makin’ me look bad, mon! In the last two of three best of the rests I’ve ended up being a suicidal racist.

  2. Ferrel says:

    Thank you for the link!

    You’re right in the fact that it is way too early to get hyped about EQ Next. There is so much potential! So much history! I’m ready for the exciting times that will follow! I also use a lot of !s!

  3. spinks says:

    See, that problogger article is a great example of why so many ‘pro’ blogs are crap.

    An eye catching headline, which a moment’s thought will tell anyone is likely to be rubbish. Then one or two decent ideas but not enough to in any way justify the headline. And some random paragraphs of righteous bitching about ‘gaming addiction’ for … no reason really.

    And the funny thing is that if he’d written about how to make your blog addictive like farmville instead, I think it would have held together quite well. You could drag out a post for awhile discussing how exchanging comments on a blog is like exchanging virtual gifts in facebook.

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