Star Trek Online: My Opinion

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Tip #1: Standing with your hands behind your back makes you look very captainy

I never got the Star Trek universe. The entire thing just seems so illogical, unrealistic and silly to me. Giant space ships manned by altruistic species, filled to the brim with innocent civilians and recklessly flying into danger all in the name of the greater good? It makes no sense. If Star Trek was “real”, the Federation would be run by an army of a thousand obedient Datas, the original having been cloned in a transporter “accident” not long after being discovered, whilst every human spends their entire life within the confines of the holodeck, acting out the dirtiest and most deprived fantasies they could possibly imagine. They wouldn’t need to eat or drink or even leave to use the bathroom because some clever Starfleet scientist would’ve no doubt discovered how to beam food directly into their stomachs and excrement directly out of their bowels. That is the world of Stark Trek. And let me tell you now, the MMORPG is nothing like it.

I think it’s safe to say that I was never going to love Star Trek Online. I’m just not that big of a Trekkie and the notion of the game never really appealed to me. Still, I found that I didn’t dislike it either and I suppose that’s something. Rather I just feel quite ambivalent about the whole thing. It’s neither good nor bad, it is simply the epitome of average gaming. Right from the lackluster intro and predictable setting (everything’s got tits up the Alpha quadrant again? /yawn), through to the bog-standard and uninspired MMO gameplay the entire experience is an understatement of mediocrity.

The performance is pretty shaky, the graphics are not bad, the alien race creator is pretty cool, the away team missions are funnish but rather bland, it’s quite casual friendly, your little crewmen buddies are quite funky (I made my Bolian Engineer really fat), space combat is jarringly annoying and reminds me of when Riker used to the “manual steering column” to fly the Enterprise in Insurrection which then annoys me even more (can you tell I’m not a fan of mixing gameplay genres?). It’s definitely a game offers some nice features on one hand but then gives you a smack in the mouth with poor execution using the other.

For sure Star Trek Online is going to be a game that divides people. Some will undoubtedly love it whilst others totally hate it. I’m probably bobbing around somewhere in middle feeling not much at all. To be fair, I haven’t played it a huge amount (hence why this article is merely my opinion rather than me trying to palm off some sort of unqualified review) and maybe I would enjoy it more once I got deeper into the game. Although, thinking about it, I would counter that statement by arguing that if a game can’t suck me in within the first five or so hours then it probably doesn’t deserve my attention all.

If you’re a big Trekkie, bored, or just like the idea of running around Borg invested planets with some fat Bolian buddies then Star Trek will be right up your alley. Although I might check it out again one day in the future, I can safely say that it’s not the MMO for me as it failed to inspire or captivate my imagination. I’m glad I gave it a shot but now it’s time to invoke the Prime Directive, leave it’s ass be and move on. Oh c’mon, how could I not try to end the article on some awful Star Trek pun?


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  1. Gremrod says:

    I think your opinion is aligned with my own opinion about STO.

  2. Tesh says:

    I like Trek, though it is indeed pretty silly on a lot of levels.

    The game never did interest me much, though. Not even enough to try a free trial. I must be jaded or something.

    • Gordon says:

      I remember a few years ago discussing the idea of a Star Trek MMO with some friends and getting really excited about it. To be honest, the IP or the concept don’t put me off it, rather it’s just that the implementation by Cryptic is quite bland and uninspiring.

      • Epiny says:

        I would have to second this. Of all the existing IPs Star Trek and Star Wars are the only two so full of possibility to be the “duh” no brianer make a MMO out of them.

        The problem is that games with such amazing fore fathers will almost always fail the compairison. I think this may be one of the reasons, the many reasons, Warhammer Online didn’t work out.

        I honestly have very little faith in Star Wars:TOR beyond a single player RPG with a chat function.

        • Gordon says:

          I have hopes for SW:TOR because BioWare have such a good back record with games. I do agree that it’s a huge shame that the powerful and iconic licenses of Star Wars and Star Trek have never gotten the MMOs they deserve.

  3. JohnnygeeUK says:

    I play it a few times a week and really enjoy it, just have to understand what it is, it’s not an in-depth mmo it’s a fun action game, being a lifetimer helps as I have no monthly fee to worry about

  4. Mojeaux says:

    I think I have to agree with Tesh. Said better than I could.

  5. Interesting point that you couldn’t get into STO because you were never that big into Star Trek.

    It was the opposite for me. I think one of the reasons I got into STO was because I wasn’t into Star Trek at all. And I mean, I was a total Star Trek NOOB. I knew nothing, hadn’t seen any of the shows, didn’t know any of the characters except names of the important people…I think when I started the only Star Trek thing I’ve seen was the new movie :P

    I don’t know what made me try STO, probably because my husband was the Star Trek fan and I figured he’d like it. In the end, the game really grew on me, and I think part of the reason was that I had no expectations at all, and had nothing against the content because I had nothing to reference it to. On the other hand, I know STO had a polarizing effect on a lot of Trek fans, they either loved it or hated it because it was like/unlike whichever series they were comparing it to.

    Anyway, I became a Trek fan after playing STO, and so there’s always that :D

  6. Twan says:

    100% not interested in STO, 110% interested in holodeck deprived fantasies. Where do I sign up?

  7. hurtsdonut says:

    I hear ya, brother. Unlike you i am a lifelong Trek fan, but I was just as unimpressed. Most of us were looking forward to immersion into the Trek universe. Even if the game was weak, some cool scenery & interesting characters might keep users online. But every building & planet looks the same and every mission is identical. It’s basically a Trek themed shooter. Devoted players can spend hours (if not days) on WoW & EQ2 just enjoying the escape the environment provides. Not so for STO.

    If it were a free game I might check in now & then. But NOT worth a subscription.

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