This Is Not A MMORPG Post #2

The Dark Knight Returns

Aside from being the world's greatest detective, Batman was also very adept at balancing himself on overhead telephone cables

It’s not often that I depart from the MMORPG topic of my blog but I’m feeling rather whimsical today and wanted to write a personal related article. Oh how I’m sure a portion of you sit around waiting to hear about the next exciting installment in my private life with bated breath and if you’re one of those folks then in you’re for a real treat over the next few hundred words. And if you’re not, well, why not sit back and relax anyway and try to enjoy my words engulfing you like warm chocolate mousse.

What I’m Buying

A freaking apartment. Yep, I just had my offer on a nice little place accepted last week so I’m currently knee deep in the process of due diligence and purchase. Pretty stressful stuff all-in-all (folk sure won’t overstating when they told me this in the past) but hopefully worth it in the end. If all goes well my wife and I will be home owners come mid October and that’s an incredibly exciting thought.

What I’m Reading

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, The Eisenhorn Omnibus by Dan Abnett and the complete chronicles of Conan by Robert E. Howard all on my brand spanking new Kindle. I’ve only had the thing for three days and I already absolutely adore it (I just need to figure out a reliable way to read it in the bath now).

What I’m Watching

Sons of Anarchy season 2. It’s a decent show and provides plenty of fun and amusement so long as you’re able to suspend believe for a while. Not that it’s particularly far-fetched as TV shows go but it does have enough silly moments in it to really make you wonder how to the heck any of it is feasible. And why does every TV show have to have the “computer hacker guy” who’s able to miraculously extract any data required from any computer system in the world which – fortunately and coincidentally – happens to be the precise information needed to move that episode’s plot along? Always bugs me and just wafts of lazy writing.

What I’m Wearing

A leopard print thong.

What I’m Thinking

I used to be a big fan of the Smallville TV series a few years ago but only watch it sporadically now. However, I saw it last week and had a brilliant idea (if I do say so myself) for it: cast Jon Hamm in an episode as a The Dark Knight Returns style Bruce Wayne who’s sent back from the future to help or aid Clark in some way. It’s utterly perfect really. Jon Hamm would make a great Batman and this way the writers get to avoid the need for silly looking costumes and what not (I would’ve suggested Clint Eastwood if he wasn’t a handful of years too old now and, let’s face it, far too expensive).

I’m a genius aren’t I?


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  1. Okay, did not need that image of you in a thong, leopard print or otherwise. But ANYWAY!

    First of all, grats on the apartment, I’m hoping all goes well for you too! So that’ll mean another move? Eep.

    And second, I am leery of taking my Kindle in the bath as well. Sometimes I just settle for reading on my ipod touch with the Kindle app even though it’s a more expensive device, but there’s less of a chance a small thing like that would slip out of my hands. Glad you’re enjoying the Kindle though, did you get the white or graphite one? And the conan stories are great, I have them as well. BTW, I recommend this program called Calibre for ebook management. Now it has a built in converter too, to convert any kind of file to any kind of file (epub, lit, rft, html, mobi, etc.) so transferring my non-amazon books are a cinch, and also keeps my book titles and authors sorted properly.

    • Gordon says:

      “Okay, did not need that image of you in a thong, leopard print or otherwise.” :D

      I’ve just ordered a waterpoof bag for my Kindle on Amazon so hopefully it will solve my bath issues with it. To be fair, I’m not actually sure if dropping it in the bath would electrocute me but I’m just not that curious to find out.

      And thanks for the wishes on the flat! And yeah, it will mean another move… but time hopefully the last ;)

      • They have waterproof bags?! Okay, I’m going to look it up and buy one right after I finish my comment. It’s not so much a matter of electrocution as I doubt that would happen, but I’m more afraid of accidentally submerging the thing or getting it wet thus rendering it useless. Such is the fragile nature of electronics…I’ve lost one Kindle already (my husband accidentally stepped on it! Though it was a first gen one and it did give me an excuse to buy the 2nd gen :D )

  2. Espen says:

    I picture you in a thong all the time – never fails to obliterate my unwanted erections in the grocery store. But to the point (and continuing along the path of badly disguised homo-eroticism), Jon Hamm? I know you love Mad Men and all, but as Batman from the future – in Smallville? C’mon dude, that would not only completely ruin his acting career, but also give new wind in the sails to a mediocre TV-series that has already turned into a soap (they all fucking do). I’ll tell you this in person, just thought it’d be a good idea to openly criticise this rare lack of judgement.

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