The Perfect Moment For Warhammer 40K: Dark Millenium Online

Warhammer 40K Screenshot

ED-209 seems to pop up everywhere

This is the perfect moment in time for the Warhammer 40k MMORPG. Right now, exactly as we stand, with all the information we know, the game is perfect. It exists in some kind of temporal quantum flux (thanks Star Trek encyclopedia), a state of neither non-existence nor completion. We know just enough about the game to make us want it but haven’t seen enough about it for it to disappoint us. We can soak up all of the screenshots and tidbits of information and create in our minds the perfect MMO, flawless and beautiful.

I wasn’t expecting Dark Millenium to capture my imagination quite the way it has and I think it’s due to a combination of a few of factors. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of the game so far and it’s take on the MMO genre. Fast paced, sci-fi based action is a refreshing and welcome change to the traditional fantasy based games I’ve played in the past; the graphical style looks appealing and performance-sensible; the small drips of info about classes and vehicles sound very fun; but most importantly of all, the IP is incredibly strong and I’ve found myself becoming more and more engaged with it.

I’ve always felt the backstory and lore behind games is a very important factor in creating a sense of immersion and, no doubt, it’s one of the many compelling reasons why companies like to produce games for well established IPs. Back in February, I had absolutely no interest in the Warhammer 40K universe but after a few visits to the Warhammer 40K Wiki, trawling through the vast number of pages that detail everything from Space Marines to crazy Orks to the God-Emperor of Mankind eternally interned in the Golden Throne, I’ve found myself enamored with the lore. I’ve even started reading a novel about it and caught myself whimsically contemplating painting some models. My mind must be a marketer’s dream.

This isn’t just hype though. Hype is when the media and forums and social networks build up and fuel the release of a product, creating such unimaginable anticipation that can never be realised. This is me and my imagination alone creating and constructing the perfect game for a subject I’m interested in and allowing myself the luxury of hope and faith in its designers and developers. There isn’t enough press coverage to create sufficient hype and there isn’t enough harsh cynicism to destroy my dreams. They will come soon enough but right now, exactly as we stand, this is the perfect moment for Warhamer 40K and I’m utterly content with it.

And no, I’m not on drugs.

Are you experiencing a MMO perfect moment?


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  1. Tesh says:

    Not exactly… but I do have big dreams for a game I’m designing. It’s perfect, and I can almost reach out and touch it… but am I a worthy conduit for making it happen. Time will tell whether I can craft some art and game design to do the idea justice, and then if I can get a programmer to work with me to make it real.

    It’s the same feeling, though; that vague hint of greatness just around the conceptual corner, the hope for something grand.

    I’m not sure I’ll see that for an MMO anytime soon. GW2 makes me happy for a few things, as does SWTOR, but I’m just sufficiently wary to not be completely sucked in yet.

    That said, sometimes this is the best part of gaming, though. The realities never seem to quite match up.

  2. mandrill says:

    I have exactly the opposite feeling about Dark Millenium

    The IP is too rich and too solid, with too large a following for it to be anything other than a watered down disappointment.

    That and the stuff I’ve read about it, and devs saying things like “if you like WoW you’ll like This” don’t inspire much in the way of hop that this will be anything but a crass cash in on a successful IP and a current gaming fashion.

    GW don’t really care either way of course as long as it keeps the money rolling in.

  3. I’m interested in this. When they first announced they were doing a Warhammer MMOG, I hoped hoped hoped hoped that it would be on the 40k property, not the generic fantasy setting that I have never cared for even back with the table top game. 40k has always entranced me and I wanted a MMOG of that much more.

    The Tabula Rasa-style combat looks great. That was probably the best feature about TR and I’m glad it’s getting implemented here as well.

    All that said, it’s still a ways away from completion, and I’ve seen these great looking games become crap months before release as if through some random act of sabotage, and it’s probably not worth getting my hopes up too much for. I just hope they do a better job with it than Mythic did with Warhammer Online, but that’s not really setting the bar too high.

  4. Nils says:

    I can say the same about World of Darkness. Unfortunately, I am also pretty sure that at 23-26. September, when it is likely to be presented for the first time by CCP, I will consider it less perfect.

    But right now it is a MMO perfect moment :)

  5. Drannos says:

    WH40k, Secret World, World of Darkness…

    I know exactly hoow you feel. All of these are MMOs in which I am keenly interested, and have teased just enough information and visuals to really grab my attention. WH40k and World of Darkness are such deep and solid IPs, and I have such a long history with them that I can’t help but obssess a little. There is so much potential there, and so far we just don’t know enough about the realities of implementation to feel any disappontment.

    For The Secret World, it the originality of the setting and stories that got me…how can you not love a game that has Lovecraft, the Illuminati, and urban myths at the heart of its design?

    • Gordon says:

      IPs can be an incredible advantage for games as I’m discovering with WH40K… I find myself drawn more and more to the game just because of the lore of it. However, it does also set the game on a huge pedastol with incredible expectations that can be hard to achieve. I really hope WH40K hits them :)

  6. Yetian says:

    I am getting more interested in the 40k mmo.

    Though I am currently and for the foreseeable on the lookout for eqnext info.

    Just hope I don’t start dreaming about it. Drove the gf mad with sleepwalking about my eq1 spear epic “stick thing” way back when. ;)

  7. shiwpreck says:

    The prospect of the 2 sided PVP system is a little disappointing as I was hoping for open PVP, race against race. I don’t want my Boyz falling in alongside those spikey Chaos gits but there is too much to come before I can make any true judgment.

    Perfect MMO moment? Not quite but a highly promising one indeed!

  8. Stephen says:

    This post nails exactly what I think everyone is thinking. The first trailer made me drool all over my laptop. As a major fan for several years of 40K I find myself dreaming up how they are going to perfectly integrate the lore and balance the epic differences in power between the races. I alas, also expect to be bitterly disappointed. But I agree, right now… with the radical ideas bouncing around my brain. It’s perfect.

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