The Best Of The Rest: Hangover Edition

Hangover Anatomy

I'm far too hungover to think up a sarcastic caption. Pity me.

Oh how I had such plans for this week’s Best of the Rest. I wanted to try a new format and change the way I write the article to make it more interesting and in-depth but, alas, I find myself at the hands of one truly awful hangover. I’m no spring chicken anymore and it’s amazing how much a couple bottles of wine, whisky, vodka and some aquavit can destroy my body. I spent a restless night dreaming of Space Marines and Cee Lo Green for some bizarre reason and awoke to experience a headache and squealing gut that even a full English breakfast couldn’t cure (it’s never failed before). As a result today’s link love shall be mercifully short and to the point. Before I wretch over my keyboard.


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  1. Colerejuste says:

    The silhouette is still drinking! You’d think they’d mention something about hair of the dog, or have the silhouette riding the porcelain bus.

  2. Wasdstomp says:

    I feel your pain. I drank a little too excessively last night watching my Oregon Ducks Football beat Tennessee. I think I am just now starting to feel normal again.

  3. Syl says:

    alka-seltzer is your friend.

  4. amcl says:

    … Ah, that’s why you wanted us to look after our mother on Saturday night, so you could get wasted :)

    … hope you didn’t spew on the carpets. At least I made it to the laminate flooring :)

  5. numtini says:

    The answer is pedialyte. Best option is to drink a bottle with a couple of ibuprofen before you go to bed. Maybe a few glasses of water. Second best option is a sports drink. But you can avoid 99% of a hangover by getting the electrolytes back up while you sleep it off.

  6. [...] up a sarcastic caption. [...]

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