The Best Of The Rest: European Edition

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Y'know, I've never noticed just how dull the European flag actually is.

As I hinted at a couple of weeks ago, I’m trying out a new format with my weekly article round-ups. It’s nothing really drastic or spectacular, just a minor tweak. I’m going to try highlighting slightly fewer articles but spend a bit of time describing what it is about each of them that I enjoyed. Remember that it’s a completely subjective list based on my personal opinion, bias and how much the author has recently flattered me or otherwise appealed to my vanity. I’m just a shallow but incredibly handsome excuse for a man after all. And if you don’t make it onto the list, feel free to poke needles into voodoo dolls of me or carve my name into your arm whilst muttering demonic incantations. I heard chicks dig that sort of thing.

  • The MMO Melting Pot gives us a guide for running World of Warcraft under Ubuntu. Oh boy, oh boy, have I been waiting for this article for a long time now. For the past few months I’ve been dabbling with Ubuntu and spent a lot of time trying to get WoW to run properly but it never did so this article is like a godsend to me. I haven’t had time to try it out yet because I was away in London since it was published but I will certainly give it all a bash soon.
  • Keen advocates that developers should scrap games that aren’t any good and not release them. A very honest article that, frankly, makes a lot of sense in a perfect world. Developers (or anyone for that matter) should have the courage to ditch stuff that doesn’t work and not flood markets with sub-par products (although yes, that can subjective at times). However, I don’t think it’s ever going to happen en masse, at least not in the MMO industry, simply due to the money involved. A developer couldn’t possibly turn around to their publisher or investors two or three years into a project and say that they’ve produced a dud game and recommend that it’s never released to the general public.
  • Amuntoth takes a look at professional video game journalism and whether or not it’s possible for new sites to honestly review a game when they are effectively in the pocket of their sponsors. This is a topic that has been discussed before but nonetheless is still one that I find deeply interesting and something I often ponder when reading news sites. A good example is Rock, Paper, Shotgun, one of my favourite websites, that not so long ago entered into an advertising deal and now has gigantic ads for games covering the site and since then I’ve often wondered since then if they are still able to maintain a sense of integrity and freedom of speech in their news and reviews (to be fair, it hasn’t seemed to affect their articles yet).
  • Trolls Racials Are Overpowered reckons Europeans are unpatriotic. I love Klepsacovic’s crazy blog and this is one of those cherished articles that has nothing to do with MMOs but gave me a really good chuckle yesterday when I read it plus it made me think. It goes to show that not every blog article has to be a huge in-depth analysis of a subject and that sometimes a handful of incredibly sarcastic words can spur off plenty of thoughts and get the synapses firing. It’s also one of Klepsacovic few articles that I could actually comprehend.


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  1. Klepsacovic says:

    “It’s also one of Klepsacovic few articles that I could actually comprehend.” Sometimes I feel like this “best of the rest” is just a cover to a plot to make me look bad. :)
    I was surprised that anyone took any interest in that post. But people are surprising, aren’t they? You never know what someone will find when you aren’t paying attention.

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