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Kindred: The Embraced

Kindred: The Embraced. Way better than Forever Knight.

I don’t know a huge amount about vampires. I didn’t bother to watch the last few seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I’ve avoided the Twilight saga like it’s a rabid wildebeest, I haven’t read any Anne Rice novels and only watch True Blood for it’s delightful soft core porn properties. Still, just because I don’t know much about them bloodsuckers doesn’t mean I don’t see the appeal of their dark and broody world and, in fact, I think a mature nosferatu environment could be quite perfect for MMOification.

Obviously it’s still very early days but I’m leaning on the side of optimism for the eventual release of CCP’s newly announced World of Darkness MMO, a game based upon the Vampire: The Masquerade lore. Having never played the table top RPG, I don’t know much about the lore beyond what I glimed from the video games, TV show and the few creepy Goths I met when I was a teenager (no joke, Goths were scary to a kid who read the Star Wars encyclopedia and gave Vulcan salute high-fives to people). From what I have read though, the world seems very intriguing and revolves a lot more around the concept of truly becoming a fictional persona rather and engaging with others rather than just battling beasties and powering up. If translated properly then that could form the basis of a very unique and original MMORPG.

Diplomacy, roleplay, community, allegiances, power struggles, blood drinking… these are all things that could really make this game interesting and set it apart from the what is becoming the standard fair of levels, items and raids. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just that it would be fun to see something a little different and, given their track record, I have no doubt CCP have the ability and cojones to pull it all off. The future could be quite bright for World of Darkness.

Heh. Bright.


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  1. Carson says:

    As a goth from White Wolf’s heyday in the 90’s, let me tell you, the Vampire LARPers were pretty damn scary to us, too. You could definitely taste the fear and dismay when they started gaming in up in goth nightclubs.

  2. David says:

    As one who ran one of the largest vampire LARP’s in the country we thank you :) that was our intent :)

  3. Nils says:

    For my taste that was a little too little information here. The trailer is a typical CCP trailer: Nice to watch, but utterly useless for information about the game(play).

    I remain carefully optimistic..

  4. Dunwich says:

    nice… but honestly… world of darkness players are the untermenschen of the pen&paper scene… at least on every fokkin con in the last 10 years. playing an arrogant prick is one thing… being an arrogant jerk the other… and sry but they tend to be all arrogant jerks. hate you… you velvet rags!

    pls dont feel offended… playing rpgs for allmost 15 years… going to cons for 12 years… and its all the same. now give me some werewolf to tear you appart…

  5. zahraah says:

    I liked Kindred.. pity it never finished a season due to one of the main actors dying, and I liked forever Knight too – until it got well a little weird, I have had enough friends trying to convince me to RP world of darkness stuff that I am sure there will be enough people I know wanting to play it to be worth trying it – they may have left it a little late though to cash in on the worlds current re-fascination with vamps, all the teenyboppers will be over them by the time it gets released, and that could be a good thing. Imagine how many Edwards would be running round.

    • Gordon says:

      I found Forever Knight very strange. A vampire as a cop? Huh? Also it seemed very low budget :) **SPOILER** Plus the guy killed himself in the last episode when he failed to turn his girlfriend into a vampire, killing her in the process. Was all rather bizarre for my tastes :)

  6. WyldKard says:

    Is it for sure that this will be an exclusively vampire-based MMO? The World of Darkness is a setting for several White Wolf titles, of which Vampire is only one. While some of those games may be more difficult to implement than others, if CCP sticks only to Vampire, the game may get old quick.

  7. Merit says:


    Thanks for the heads-up. I like the mood that stressed the inner turmoil in someone (thing?) set against a bleak dark (modern) world. The inner chaos reflected in the outer chaos.
    Ingredients enough for gripping stories.
    I am somewhat skeptical though: mmorpgs tend to go for level grinding and creature/player bashing.
    But as you said, the potential for an unique game is there and the CCP people might well be the best mmorpg team to translate that into a mmorpg game.
    Go for it…

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