DC Universe Online Delayed. Cataclysm Claims First Victim.

DCU Online - The Batcave

Chillin' with his homies in the Batcave. So much like Batman.

Remember how a few days ago I was shocked to discover that DCU Online was going to be released in less than a month, on the very day of November 2nd no less? Well, now it’s not. Nope, due to *cough* no apparent reason DC Universe Online has been delayed until “early 2011″. Oh coincidence, thy name is Cataclysm.

Yes, if you’ve managed to pick up on the subtle wittery that was plaguing this article’s title and first paragraph then you’ll probably have honed in on the fact that I’m blaming the imminent release of Blizzard’s next WoW expansion for this timely delay. Let’s be fair though, it’s a pretty logical conclusion to come to considering not only do Warcraft expansions have a tendency to dominate the industry and chew up any small fry MMO that happens to get in the way but also SOE announced the news a mere 24 hours after the official release date for Cataclysm was set. Hmmm indeedy.

Frankly though, I think this news is absolutely for the best and am actually glad to see SOE take a little bit of initiative and not throw themselves on the sword for the sake of sticking to some silly date in the calendar. Postponing the launch of DCU Online is going to be good for them, good for the players and good for just about everyone all round. I’d much rather wait a little longer and get a great game then get an unfinished one a little earlier just for the sake of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to DCU Online as much as the next comic book geek and will most likely buy the game (how could I not considering Batman is like totally my most favourite comic book hero of all time ever? those abs /swoon) but I’m more than happy to set aside my internal hype machine and trade my fanboi tendencies for a better product in the long term. Holding the game back will result in more polish, more content and, above all else, a stronger initial player base. And if players do desert en masse after a month then we all know it won’t be because Cataclysm just came out.


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  1. Carson says:

    But based on your previous analysis, surely this delay is mostly caused by the fact that DCUO ain’t anywhere near finished? Sounds to me like they would have had to delay no matter what Blizzard announced?

  2. I admit, I hadn’t connected the Cataclysm release date to the delay either :P I figured the company felt they needed more time to polish DCUO, which wasn’t a surprise to me at all. It didn’t seem like they were anywhere near ready, and if that’s the case, I applaud them for it the decision. I’ve been looking forward to checking out DCUO, and while it’s often hard to wait for a game you’ve been highly anticipating, I’d sooner wait another year than be playing an unfinished product at release.

  3. Bhagpuss says:

    Flippin’ irritating that there’s still no way to pre-order in the U.K. though. Pre-orders get guaranteed beta access from November 30th (I think it is), which means probably two months of play.

    Since I’m not going to be buying Cataclysm, that would be ideal and I would already have pre-ordered two copies of DCUO if they’d let me. I will, of course, be buying it on release, but I’m now regretting my decision not to apply for the Rifts beta, a decision I took based on the expectation that I’d be too busy with DCUO to do a proper beta-tester’s work.

    What with the disappointment that was FFXIV beta and the non-appearance of Codemaster’s version of LotRO F2P, what looked like a packed autumn of MMO goodness is looking pretty thin. Thank goodness for EQ2X.

    • Gordon says:

      Good point about the beta… two months would’ve been nice :) Still, I’m very anti-beta at the moment so not sure I would’ve done it.

      As for yeah LotRO F2P in Europe… yep, I feel your pain :( I’ve been waiting for weeks now to play it :(

      • Bhagpuss says:

        Just as an update for the sake of truth in advertising or whatever…

        I spent some time fiddling around on the DCUO site last night and found that by using the Stars&Stripes Flag U.S. pre-order link I eventually got taken to my existing Station Access account. I pre-ordered from there, where it charged me in £ Stirling. After a great deal more fiddling about I managed to submit my confirmation email through the “Submit Image” link on the DCUO site and got the “Thank You” message confirming it had been received.

        I’m still not sure whether this is going to “guarantee” entry to the beta on November 30th, though. Browsing some forums suggests that if European residents buy from U.S. pre-order suppliers they still won’t necessarily get into the beta. Just have to wait and see, I guess.

        On “Rifts”, it turns out I actually DID apply for the beta, because I got an email yesterday telling me I was in the pool. I have no memory whatsoever of applying, but it was good news!

        Just need Codemasters to get their finger out and all will be good.

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  5. I’ve been playing this game since it went Free-To-Play… is it worth the subscription? Maybe but it is definitely worth FREE! If you haven’t played it then I strongly suggest you try it. You will not lose anything because it’s Free-To-Play… DC Universe Online is one of the best Free-To-Play MMOs today!

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