The Best Of The Rest: Cataclysmic Edition

Homeworld Cataclysm

Some kid, somewhere, is going to be bitterly disappointed on Christmas day.

This week’s been pretty exciting as it (finally) saw the announcement of the much anticipated Cataclysm release date. Love or hate WoW, December 7th is going to be a pretty big date in everybody’s calendar and going to be tremendously hard to ignore. Servers will crash, children will scream, parents will cry and the gates of Chaos shall be opened upon us all. In other, totally and completely unrelated news, DCU Online was delayed until early next year.

Anyhoo, this weeks BotR sees a rather random bunch of articles picked for their interest, wittery and entertainment. Expect chin stroking and cajones. Plenty of cajones.

  • Stargrace asks why we care what other people play. I very much enjoyed this article in which Stargrace questions why we spend so much time debating the antics of others and don’t just get on with our own MMOs. She’s dead right, to be fair, and we’d all probably benefiting from thinking less and playing more. Of course as a blogger I reserve the right to slag off, critise and otherwise make biased, inflammatory statements about anything I choose. Gosh darnit, it just wouldn’t be very much fun otherwise.
  • The Pugnacious Priest wonders why she doesn’t get any trolls. In light of some recent articles by veteran bloggers like Tobold and Larisa, it seems like everyone’s been having troll trouble lately. Except Ms. Pugnacious and, touch wood, myself. Honestly, I’d love to get a few trolls over here to help, as they say on the streets, “keep it real”. Hmm, maybe it’s my wicked street talk that’s keeping them at bay?
  • Arkenor takes a look at the shambles that’s affecting European DDO players. Us Europeans don’t seem to be having much luck with any of Turbine and Codemaster’s joint ventures. Not only has LotRO still not gone F2P in Europa but it appears that plenty of hard working, honest folk are having a tough time with DDO as well. Arkenor highlights a very frustrating situation in which European players are still waiting (9 weeks so far) for their characters to be moved from the now closed European servers to the US ones. Makes me glad I never paid to play DDO.
  • Chris defends FFXIV in the face of some pretty damming reviews (he’s removed his original post which is a shame). Whether or not your agree that FFXIV is rubbish (I’ve never played it), I thought Chris showed a lot of cajones by sticking up for a game he so obviously enjoys. He also raised a very interesting point about how can one actually trust reviewers if their basic expectations are so widely differently from what a game has to offer.

Keep it real my homies.


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  1. Chris says:

    Hey Gordon,

    Thanks for the kind words, man. I left the MMO Voices mirror of it up since there’s a pretty lengthy comment stretch along with it. MMOV and my site are pretty separate, so I feel better personally removing it from GbN. At least that way my new conclusion can be what’s up front. If you want to link to the mirror though, feel free. Maybe we can set a record for comments over there, lol. Linky.

    Thanks again. I’m just not built for all this negativity within my gaming hobby :-)

    • Gordon says:

      Negativity comes with the territory unfortunately. Just do what I do and bury it deep down inside until one day it will either manifest as a cancerous growth or erupt in a violent outburst aboard an aeroplane.

  2. Ogrebears says:

    I am going to give WoW a chance when then expansion comes out.

  3. Skult says:

    Dear Gordon,
    Thank you for your interest in Troll Incorporated. All our trolls are currently trolling other blogs. As soon as one becomes available, we will direct him toward “We fly spitfires”. Please remember to build somewhere on your site a bridge to encourage a permanent relocation.
    If you would like to repeat this message, please press the button

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