EVE Delivers Great Head

Minmatar Brutor Female

There is little need for hairdressers in New Eden

I’ve got to admit, when I first heard that EVE was updating it’s character protrait creation system in the Incursion expansion I was not expecting anything close to what CCP are releasing. I was, without a doubt, blown completely away.

Maybe my expectations were too low to start with as we’ve seen great character creators before in a variety of MMOs or perhaps it’s just the fact that it’s being added to an existing seven year old game but the new creator looks quite incredible and a real achievement for CCP. One of it’s most surprising features was just how in-depth it is and the fact that you can actually customise your avatar’s body, something you couldn’t do before. Considering you can’t ever see your physical self in game though this may seem a little a strange but apparently it’s all to do with laying the foundations for Incarna, a future expansion that will allow players to wander around space stations and what not. I’m also wondering if they’re going to use the same character creator in Dust 514 to maintain continuity.

The video below gives a nice demonstration of it all (it’s also apparently now live on the test server, Singularity) and probably my favourite part is the posing aspect at the end. I’m planning on creator some truly horrible boy-band member in a cheesy catalog pose. That’s sure to scare the heck out of my enemies.

I can easily see a few people griping about the fact that their avatar’s have changed so dramatically and that they don’t like the way they now look. Although it’s not possible to do anything about it at the moment, CCP have hinted that they may allow players to change their race, bloodline and even gender in the future. Cloning technology at it’s finest.


P.S. Thanks to CrazyKinuz for the links to the YouTube videos.

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    I monkeyed with it a bit on test server today. I got my main looking (I thought) rather awesome, but I couldn’t get my marketing alt to look good at all. I couldn’t get her mouth to look like anything except some odd pinched/pursed lips. Couldn’t get her ears to stop sticking out too far either, now that I think about it.

    Also fun is the number of things that still have “WIP” as part of their graphical shells. Not many clothing options in the creator either, but I suppose that will allow people to make and sell clothes in the actual economy once Incarna hits next year.

    Still… it’s an interesting tool with how they have you hover over the body part you want to adjust and see a texture map light up to confirm it’s the right area, then you click and drag to adjust it. Works fairly intuitively.

  2. Love your title mate! And thanks for the mention. :p

  3. Amuntoth says:

    Looks amazing. I only wish they’d let you customize ships like that. So far no game has even come close to that level of customization on a ship. Except Spore, but that doesn’t really count.

    Great title by the way :)

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