The Best Of The Rest: Famous Louse Edition

Head Louse

The famous EA Louse. Not quite as famous as The Famous Grouse.

So of course the big news this week was the appearance of a anonymous blogger called EA Louse (it’s a play on the original EA Spouse name – apparently EA Grouse didn’t have the right ring to it) who proceeded to spill the beans on everything that went wrong at Mythic during the development of Warhammer Online. See, Louse was just told he’s going to be laid off and is, as one would imagine, a little disgruntled by the fact. His post provoked a huge reaction across the blog and gaming spheres (presumably because Cataclysm won’t be out for another couple of months and there’s nothing as exciting to talk about) and has drummed up plenty of drama. In other, less dramatic, news WoW patch 4.01 came out and yes, I’m still currently trying to download it all on my computers. Huzzah for things being easy (although I did discover that the new installer is far quicker than patching an existing installation – don’t ask how I know that because I will probably cry).

  • EA Louse explains why Warhammer failed. Ah the infamous post itself. Personally I got a chuckle from reading it although I don’t put too much stock in the author words. Assuming it’s genuine it’s obviously the writings of an upset individual (understandable if the chap’s just being laid off) and a story I’ve heard before from a lot of different people in a lot of different walks of life. In fact, it reminds me somewhat of some posts I read from ex-Sigil employees after Vanguard went tits up so I can’t say it phased me very much. The sheer number of comments (just under 1,200 at the time of writing) is definitely impressive though and an indication of just how many people love a good bitch post.
  • Moorgard offers a level headed perspective. I have a huge deal of respective for Moorgard for all of his great work on EQ2 and for me it was interesting to read his take on the whole EA Louse debarcle. I think he’s basically right about everything being opinion and the fact that we’ll probably never know what truly went on behind Mythic’s doors.
  • Syp sticks up for truth, justice and SW:TOR. Good for Syp! I thoroughly enjoyed this post as Syp defends the (rather uncalled for) bashing of SW:TOR by the Louse man. He also makes a huge number of salient points about EA Louse’s credibility and the general public’s desire to believe in negativity in order to squeeze any schadenfreude pleasure they can out of a large and popular company.
  • Finally as a special mention (and to end on something Louse unrelated), I got a delightful chuckle when I opened up Chris’ post about Square Enix’s inspiration for FFXIV.


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