The Lull Before The Storm aka No Point In Playing

"There be a storm approaching, folks."

"There be a storm approaching, folks."

It’s a bit of a funny time for the MMOs I’m interested in right now. Lord of the Rings Online is on ice for me until the F2P version launches in Europe, EVE is always tempting but I’m kinda holding out for a new face as promised with Incursion and, of course, WoW has Cataclysm looming over it. It feels like I’m caught up in the lull before the storm, a moment of peaceful calm before all hell (or rather excitement) breaks loose again. Or to put it another way, it almost feels like there’s no point in playing any of these games right now.

WoW is probably the worst offender of all for me. I’m practically salivating with the thoughts of creating a new alt (I mean it’s been like at least six months since my last one) but every time I start to consider the prospect of it I stop and wonder what the point would be. I’m almost definitely going to be creating some sort of Worgen or Goblin alt (along with the rest of the planet) when Cataclysm launches and, besides even if I don’t, the entire low level content is going to be ripped to shreds and altered forever. Why put myself through the monotony of doing quests I’ve done a dozen times before now when I could get fresh new content in six weeks, one days time? And no, I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve counted the days.

Buggering around at high level is quite fun especially after the chaos from the aftermath of patch 4.0.1 but ever since the release date for Cataclysm was announced it doesn’t quite feel the same any more. It’s like everyone knows the level cap is going to be raised soon and whole new sets of items and rewards are going to make everything earned right now redundant so there’s little point in striving to achieve things. At best players are trying to rush to level 80 before December 7th and at worst they’re playing on auto pilot, just out of habit (check it out – continuity, I rock) until then.

To be fair these are all very nice problems to be having in ones life and I really shouldn’t complain at all. Besides, I’ve got a new flat to paint and decorate before I move in during November so it’s not like I’m looking for activities to occupy my time right now. And aw heck, maybe I should just start that new Paladin alt anyway. I can always change race later.

Anyway, the quieter things are right now, the more explosive November and December are going to be. Par-tay, dudes.


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  1. Tinker says:

    Have you checked out the Lego Universe MMO? :)

  2. Epivaso says:

    Just go and play Minecraft (everybody else is doing it)

  3. Bhagpuss says:

    After 6 years of playing EQ2 I started playing EQ2X withthe expectation that I’d be there a week or two before drifting back to my usual Live server (if Test counts as a Live server…).

    Two and a half months later I have played virtually nothing but EQ2X. Prior to its launch I was actively playing about 6 MMOs and dabbling in as many again. I jsut today forced myself to log onto Test to do some of the halloween events before they go, but in minutes I was twitchy to get back to EQ2X.

    The whole thing has been bizarrely like playing a brand new MMO. As things stand, even if another of the MMOs I’m eagerly awaiting launched right now I’m not sure I could drag myself away from EQ2X to play it. Which is exceptionally weird given that there is no differnece in the content, all of which I have done many times before.

    • Gordon says:

      Although I dislike the pricing model SOE have gone for, I can see the appeal to EQ2X. I loved EQ2 and definitely have moments where I’m really tempted to play again on a busy and thriving server. My bitterness keeps me away though ;)

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  5. Cozy says:

    LOTRO EU’s beta is starting. You get 500 free points for use when it goes live if you test it.

    Might be worth looking for a link (or mailing me and I’ll forward you mine) if you plan to play it at all.

  6. Isey says:

    I’ve been playing Vindictus, EQ2x and Minecraft in the WoW lull. I won’t, however, be rolling new in WoW. Already have done the alt parade way too many times. I’ll bring one of my higher levels to the new content to ‘experience’ it. I don’t suspect it will be any different than the ‘wow’ factor of rolling your first new toon, after basic quest number 132.

    Of course, I’ll just pay Blizzard to turn my NE rogue into a Worgen rogue and skip all the maddness in the starter zones.

    • Gordon says:

      I love Alts and find they are a great way to get me back into a game that I’m losing interest with. I’m definitely going to be rolling an alt for Cataclysm, even just to check out the new zones if nothing more.

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