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Home Sweet Home

Not sure if it's intentional or not but this image is bloody creepy...

This week marked a bit of a milestone for me as it saw me move into my first ever bought property. Huzzah! I am no longer at the mercy of private landlords and their fat cat profiteering. No sir, for the first time since leaving home at 19 I was able to sleep soundly at night knowing that my abode (and all of it’s responsibilities, I should add) is mine and mine alone. Definitely something to savour considering it’s the 3rd move I’ve made in 12 months and the 8th home I’ve lived in in 9 years.

Anyway, enough about my superbly interesting private life. We all know why you’re here so let’s get down and dirty with the link love:

  • Stargrace ponders our alligence to video games. This short little article was a delight to read because it got a lot of thoughts moving around in my head (that’s always good). Stargrace’s rhetorical questions about what she would be doing if she wasn’t playing games really got me wondering about my own experiences. Would I be more productive without MMOs? Would I be happier without having to devote so much time and attention to them? Would my life be better? I have to admit that sometimes the thought of giving up games (along with every other sort of time consuming hobby) is very appealing. Makes me wonder if I should go off and meditate on a hill or something…
  • Larisa reminds us why WoW is fun. Larisa is a very positive force in the MMO blogosphere and her articles always fill me with a sense of enjoyment. This particular post was great to read because it highlights so much about why World of Warcraft is a fun and how many amazing things can be see and done within its virtual walls.
  • Edge has a feature of Starcraft 2 in Korea. Now this isn’t a MMO article but still a very interesting read. Apparently not only is SC2 not doing quite as well in Korea as Blizzard hoped but it also explains why LAN play wasn’t included in game. I didn’t realise it but the lack of network multiplayer was done to purposefully force people into playing over and thus keeping all control with Blizz. Not a problem for any of us normal folk but when your a TV company in Korea it’s a big hurdle if Blizzard decide they don’t want you airing footage of their game without permission (or paying the dues).
  • And finally, the almight Brian explains why MMOs suck.

There were also a couple of articles from the previous week that I want to highlight (unfortunately I was too busy decorating last Sunday to do a summary write-up):

  • Longasc puts together a visual screenshot guide to LOTRO F2P. This Picassa album and accompanying comments are not only extremely interesting and insightful but are also such an elegant way to review a game. Definitely worth checking out if you’re at all interested in LOTRO F2P.
  • Andrew refuses to buy a smartphone. Again, this isn’t a MMO article but nonetheless it really struck a nerve with me. Not because I don’t want to own a smartphone (I have an iPhone) but because Andrew’s dead right saying that we spend every spare minute of our lives fiddling with the damn things. Since reading the article I’ve become aware that I check mine about 20 times an hour and it’s, frankly, almost depressing. Sometimes I wonder if I’m becoming too attached to the thing and too overloaded with digital cyber information. Definitely food for thought.


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  1. Gravity says:

    Grats man, that’s a great milestone.

  2. Larísa says:

    A positive force? Gosh. I think of my blog as a twilight blog. Sure, I try to keep up the spirits, if nothing else a pint usually helps, but there is a tone of melancholy in it that shines through (and sometimes worries my readers.) Anyway: I’m really glad if I bring some enjoyment nevertheless. Thank you very very much for the link love and kind words. It meant a lot to me!

  3. Bhagpuss says:

    Having both owned and rented (currently doing both at once on a Shared Ownership scheme) I’d say it’s really six of one, half a dozen of the other. I would say on balance I had more peace of mind renting.

  4. Tesh says:

    The house might be your responsibility, but it’s not yours. The bank owns it until you pay it off.

    Just sayin’

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